July 26

I am covering my colleague today and going up to the wards. After weeks of paper work, my brain is getting rusty when it comes to clinical work. But it’s all good. Once I flipped through the case notes, my brain is functioning again on a ‘clinical’ mode :).

My first stop today was in ICU -one of the interesting places in hospital. Patients here require lots of monitoring and intensive treatments. Every time you read their case notes, you will be AMAZED with life.

I have 4 patients in ICU and what hit me was that 2 of them were lying beside one another. They are so similar in a way, both males, 17 years of age apart, both with the same diagnosis. Watching them, I just can’t help but to frown – feeling worried.

I knew the story of the younger patient. When I first saw him, he looked worried, that is understandable. I mean, it’s a major operation, who would not be worried. But it’s only after that that I learnt that he just had a newborn baby 2 days before. Wow! The fear in him not making through to see the baby growing is larger than the joy of being a new father. Can you imagine that? It must be a tough time for him. He made through the surgery. But is still fighting for his recovery and I am helping him with that. I really hope he make it through. It would be great to hold his baby in his arms once he recovered.:)

As with the other guy, I don’t know about his life stories, but I would imagine it’s some challenging one. I don’t know why but just got this kind of feeling when I saw him.

After I left ICU, I went to another ward and was greeted by a new born baby girl. She yawned… she opened one of her eyes …peeping, maybe at me, hehe… and she slept :) *Happy!*

Ohh~ just so adorable, so innocent and pure! I just love to watch her, she make me feel: EVERYTHING IS OKAY! At the same time, I noticed the contrast of my emotions from the worrying ICU to the joyful maternity ward – a place to celebrate life.

I have some awareness after visiting both wards:

IGNORANCE and lack of SELF-LOVE are the killers admitting patients into the hospital so pay more attention to your health. I am pretty sure the body signals us when things are not functioning properly. It’s just a matter of if we are responding to it or not. If you are reading this and you feel like I am talking about you. It’s a WAKEUP CALL – DO SOMETHING.

LOVE is so amazing! How it bonds 2 hearts and creates NEW LIFE! I just find it beautiful! ^^. I hope the newborn baby girl is blessed with lots of love and nurtured with her parents love every single day!

It’s interesting working in the hospital because I learn about the true meaning of LIFE everyday! I will keep you updated when I have other stories to share.

Take good care!



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