Weekend foodie post: Sushi King @ Boulevard (New menu promo)

(Read last paragraph if you are here for Taiwan blog post only)

My first attempt at weekend foodie post and I am giving Sushi King a go. (WAIT! DON'T GO!)

If you are like me......

What I think of Sushi King before = neh, the Japanese fast food chain that can put a hole through our wallets wan mah  

Then read on!

(photo of sushi king)

This is what I think of Sushi King now = I thought I know but I am wrong! It's more than what I think it was cause I learnt a few things about it today. (gonna hashtag it as #SoYouthinkYouKnowSushiKing)

Perhaps it's because I was dining alone (yeah, Kenny away again T.T) so I could take my own sweet time reading the whole menu.

Sushi King Menu
Tip #1: Btw, do you know that if you are sitting next to the Sushi conveyor belt, your menu is just behind the chairs?

 Onion Head Smiley

I wasn't aware of that until I raised my hands and ask for a menu, a waitress came over and said 'Miss, menu di belakang kerusi! (Menu is behind the chair). Oppsie ~! #SoYouthinkYouKnowSushiKing LOL!!

Tip # 2: They are currently running their 4 weeks new menu promotion! (15th July - 18th Aug 2013)  

I bet if you haven't been to Sushi King lately or following them on fb/instagram, you wouldn't know. Let me quickly show you what's the promo.

Missed out on Week 1, 2 & 3 dy!

In the midst of Week 4, but I wasn't keen with the promo options.

Week 5 looks good! Promo price starts tomorrow if you want to feast on it. Tip #3: Well, if you like anything you see here, you can still ordered it, it's just that it'll be at Normal Price if it's not featured on the week.

While waiting for my food, I saw this:

Here is a bigger and clearer one downloaded from their website: 
Tip # 4: Sushi Making Classes!

Image from Sushi King Malaysia
To embrace Japanese food and its culture at a deeper level is indeed one brilliant idea! In fact, when I looked at their website, they started running Sushi making classes in 2012. #SoYouthinkYouKnowSushiKing

Onion Head Smiley  OMG, took me one year to realise! 

At the side of the Sushi conveyor belt, there is this small education poster:

Tip # 5: Sushi Etiquette

Just pop the lid/cover here!

Also found this red button at the side of the belt! #SoYouthinkYouKnowSushiKing

Tip # 6: Aiyo ~ ~ apparently, I don't even have to raise my hand like a primary school kid wanting to go toilet just now, I could have just press the button to speak to a staff or ask for a bill. How convenient?

 Tip # 7: Happy Hour 20% off (Weekdays only from 3-6pm!) 
Do read their T & C carefully.
And this is what I had:

It looked soo good! Taste awesome too!! My guess is they drizzle some sesame oil and soy sauce onto the dish before finishing it up with Japanese Mayo.

Ahh, both my favourite food into one dish *Super like*. Not to mention, both Avocado and Salmon are packed with good fats.

There you go:
Minimal carbs (from lettuce) + Moderate Prot (from Salmon) + Good fats (avocado, salmon, sesame oil - not quite on mayo though) = one healthy meal (RM 16.90)

Tip # 8: Do check out their healthy menu featuring Avocado, Kinoko, Wakame and Tofu. It's at the last few pages (weird spot for healthy menu, I know!)

Tip # 9: I just knew they cater for events and they customised menu too. Check out more here. Another one to add to #SoYouThinkYouKnowSushiKing LOL!!

Okay, I hope you get something out of this post. I already know what to write for my second foodie post. But let's save that to another weekend.

BTW, if you are wondering what happen to my Taiwan trip, it's still continuing lah, just that I needed more time to get it ready so I sub it with a foodie post. Be patience ok, I am a full time worker (& full time gf also). Blogging is purely hobby. I will do my best to get it done this month. So just stay tuned ~ :) ~~~Ciao ~~~


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