My little diary: 23rd - 28th July 2013

TUESDAY 23.07.13

I don't think my neighborhood is safe anymore! *worried*

*Story goes*

Kenny came over my place late at night (after his workout) just for quick goodnight hugs. 

Since it wouldn't take long, I left the gate open while talking to him. Then, came a motorbike, stopping and looking inside of my neighbour's house.

At first, I thought it was my neighbour coming home late (cause I never seen that particular neighbour before). 

But then, that dude, without a helmet, reverses his bike to an angle and hawked on us, like our 一举一动, he was observing. Onion Head Smiley It didn't feel right (women's 6th sense) and I asked Kenny to come in immediately. 

*Gate closes*

That dude audaciously drove over and peeped inside our house!!! Onion Head Smiley OMG!! OMG!! What should I do?

Kenny wanted to confront him but nowadays bad guys carry guns okay, can piao piao piao wan!! *scare to death*

Image from

I didn't want to risk at all! 

The dude left about 5 mins. And Kenny insist to patrol around my neighbourhood to ensure my safety. As soon as we went out, we saw that bike and we chased behind trying to get his plate number! 

Kenny saw this: QAA 3358B
I saw this: QAA 5338 B

Man! I think we need to do eye check dy, why different wan? Onion Head Smiley

Moral of the story: Know your local emergency contact number! 
Call 082-244 444 for 24 hour police hotline, they do patrolling too!

And if you have alarm system at home, you can trigger the alarm without having to close all the doors? (you got to check with the code from your service provider). That is one loud warning to scare them off! (hope this is helpful!)

WEDNESDAY 24.07.13

:( Didn't get to see Kenny today! :( :( :(

On average I get to see him about 2 hours a day and that only happens after 10pm. LUF is a big part of him, I understand that and I total support him! But with a Marathon coming up end of August, he has to make room for training. 

Where does the 'room' come from?

Our us time!!! *wail TT_____TT*

Marathon is taking him away from me! --- feeling emo.

THURSDAY 25.07.13

Didn't sleep well last time cause I was upset that we didn't get any 'us time'. 

But upset for one night is enough dy. I can't always lose my sleeps right?

Bear Bear kissing Kenny bear! :) :)
I figured that since I am the one with a more flexi schedule, I should match my training slot with his. Well, at least we get to see each other although we will be puffing on threadmills! LOL!!

Problem Issue solved! :D

FRIDAY 26.07.13

Was supposed to hit gym but Free wolverine tix crashed the plan! (Yes you hear it right, FREE!) Hohohoho!

In the end, I got 2 extra tix and I did something un-expected! 

Now tell me if you would do the same? 

I just tangkap a couple outside the cinema and gave it away! The girl was totally confused even though I explained that it's FREE and she asked 'You want me to pay you har?' LOL! 

小姐,天下没有白吃的午餐是没错,但的的确确是有免费的午餐!Tix is free lah!

SATURDAY 27.07.13

So, a common friend of us invited us over to celebrate their 'count down' joyous moment in welcoming their new baby boy. (Is it just me? First time joining this kind of party when baby wasn't even born leh. Really don't know what to expect! LOL) And don't know what to buy too!

I thought might as well get them a fruit basket, I am pretty sure they eat fruit right! *brilliant*

Me: Dear dear ahh, I bought a fruit basket for tonight's party *feeling happy* 有没有加分?

Kenny: 有~!!

Me: Let me show you!! Let me show you!! Tada~~!

Kenny: ............ Baby ahh, where you bought this?

Me: Fruit stall loh!

Kenny: the basket as well?

Me: Ahh!

Kenny: No wonder lah~! It looks like 'bai sua' (aka 拜拜) kinda fruit basket. 

..........*I didn't felt so until he mentioned it*...........

Me: :( :( :( Thank you dear dear!

Kenny: Thanks for what?

Me: ......for ruin my dream to be a potential 贤妻 Y_____Y


Didn't bring it along in the end. I ate it!

SUNDAY 28.07.13

Busy sunday!

Went for a run with Kenny early in the morning! 

That is the man of my life!

Then join my Si Lai sis with this: Cryocord - the perfect pregnancy talk.


I am not pregnant!! 要气坏我老爸老妈meh~!

But 1 main meal + 2 tea breaks + door gifts at a 5-star hotel, only cost RM 25!! That is so worth it! 

Except that I feel out of place at first when every one is the room is pregnant and I am the only exception! But still, I didn't regret coming here. 

It's good to know more about pregnancy and stuff beforehand right? And the talk cleared some common misconceptions that we have like preggie shouldn't exercise or no sex during pregnancy. These are myths!! *all hubbies popping confetti hahahaha*

The whole education thingy together with the talk from the Rep from Cryocord make this session worth more than RM 25 for sure! I am glad I signed up although I was here for the food at the first place! LOL!! 

We get to see Ah beng and have him share his stories (Sidetrack a bit: I don't know how he copes with all the stress in his life, his stories are really challenging and the way he deals with them are very inspiring! He owns my respects in this talk! *salute*)

So during the one to one photo session with him: *all the couples took photo with him and I went to him alone*

Ah Beng: Ehh? *looking at my tummy* You don't look pregnant!

*Die~! He caught me! Wait!! Act Normal! Act Normal!*

Me: Oh, future mother. Need to plan mah~ ahh, PLAN!

hahahahahahaha! My witty reply. Sui boh my answer! LOL!! 


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