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Updated: 03/01/2019

Done with my last minute packing and money changing. Yay!! :D Feeling satisfied cause I get things done much FASTER last minute. LOL!!!

But the consequences of that is I get a hell lot of nagging from my mom =_____= *whimpers*.

Okay, I will be off to Perth for my City to Surf Full Marathon. So wish me plenty of good luck.

I have compiled this useful entry here about Money changers in Kuching. So next time when you need to do your last minute money changing you know where to look. I shall keep it updated. Hope you find this useful.



Last Updated: 9th March 2015 (Changes made: added point 11)

1) Hong Xi Enterprise  
Location: Tun Jugah Mall, Level 1 (one of the best rate)
Address: Lot 111, Level 1, Tun Jugah Centre, Kuching
Tel: (082)-428 151

2) Mohamed Yahia & Sons 
Location: an indian book store inside Sarawak Plaza
Address: LG, Sarawak Plaza, Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching
Tel: (082)-416 928

3) Everrise Money changer Sdn Bhd 
Location: Outside Everrise (Padungan branch)
Address: Ground Floor, Bangunan Hin Ann, Jln Padungan, 93100 Kuching
Tel: (082)-233 200

4) Segi Ganjaran Sdn Bhd 
Location: same row with 360xpress hotel
Address: Ground Floor, Lot 187, Liwah Hotel, Jalan Song Thian Cheok, Kuching
Tel: (082)-236 327

5) Top Form Resources Sdn Bhd 
Location: Riverside shopping complex, Ground Floor (In front of Guardian)
Address: LG 7H, Riverside Shopping Complex, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,, 93100 Kuching
Mobile phone: 016-8833 800

6) Natol Sdn Bhd 
Location: Opposite and Adjacent to Timberland Medical Specialist Centre
Address: Lot 2820, Central Park, JLN ROCK 93200 Kuching
Tel: (082)-421 600

7) Alfa millions sdn Bhd 
Locaton: Plaza Merdeka, Ground Floor, right opposite Duck Imperial (鸭皇)
Business Hours: 10am - 8pm (including Public Holidays)
Tel: (082)-411 677
Mobile phone: 016-864 7677

8) BSB Darussalam Sdn Bhd
Location: the Spring Shopping Mall, Ground floor (next to Mini Post Office)
Tel: (082)- 241 688

9) Benefit Premium Sdn Bhd
Location: Opposite Tun Jugah, same role with Boutique Hotel
Address: No.46, Jalan Padungan, 93100
Mobile phone: 019-816 1828 or 016-886 2273

Location: also inside Tun Jugah (opposite Hong Xi Enterprise)
Address: Lot 283, Tun juagah Tower, NO.18, Talan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100
Tel: (082)-239 596

11) UAE XCHANGE @CityOne
Location: at CityOne facing BMW showroom.
Address: Unit G17, Mall 1 CityOne Megamall, No.1, Jalan Song, 93300
Tel: (082)- 532 799
Email: piramasholding@gmail.com

12) Segi Bintang Ganjaran @Kenyalang
Location: at Kenyalang (opposite Monica Hair Salon)
Business hours: 
Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 2pm
Sun and Public holidays: closed
Tel: (082)-356 669 or 016-899 3296


Not sure if these two are still operating cause no one pick up my call, but still you may give it a go!
a) Majid & Sons Cash only - (? still working)
Address: 45 Jalan India, 93702, Kuching
Tel: (082)-230 230


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