Weekend Foodie Post: Ayuke (阿鱼哥) @ Jalan Song

In KL right now, haven't got time to finish up my taiwan blog post! >.<" So Sorry! To write a travel post does take much longer than a food post you know...somemore I am pretty much away till early Sept so I can't guarantee travel and food post will be up during these time. Like I said, Blogging = Hobby.

As much as I feel guilty about postponing Taiwan blog post once again. I will try my best to compensate in other ways - initially wanted to write Ghost month Ghost story but then I am staying alone in hotel, dun wan lah *CHOI* like writing a Weekend Foodie Post!

This is where I want to bring you guys to:

Tip # 1: Ayuke Fish Chef (阿鱼哥) located at Jalan Song (behind OneJaya, opposite Porkies!)

Tip # 2: All the food served, like the name suggest, are related to Fish and the popular ones are:
Teochew Fish Mix Soup (潮州鲜味清汤) Rm8 (S)/Rm10 (B)
Tomato Fish Mix Soup (番茄鱼身上汤) Rm8 (S)/ Rm 10 (B)
Fresh Milk Fish Head (鲜奶炸鱼头米粉) Rm 9

I went there around 2 ish not knowing that they were about to close, both the Teochew Fish Mix Soup and Tomato Fish Mix Soup were sold out dy. 

Tip #3: Morning is the best time to visit (Business hours: 7am - 3pm)

Tip # 4: So okay loh, I ordered the Fresh Milk Fish Head (you can op for fish meat at the same price too!)

I LIKE THE BROTH!! It's slightly milky but after you swallow 鲜味lingers!  

They gave me quite a few pieces of fried fish. Fried fish is tricky to work with, it does add extra flavour after frying but once it gets cold, it gets chewy and worse fishy (if fish is not fresh lah). I didn't have much problem with that. 


Tip # 5: How to settle bill: When you are ready to settle the bill, just bring the red card to the counter and they will sort it out with you.

My dining experience at Ayuke @ Jalan Song:

Food wise: it's good and definitely worth a try if you haven't been there.
Service wise: soso only, perhaps I went there at the wrong time. All the staff were eating, leaving only a Chinese guy (I think it's the tauke) to serve. He is not that attentive though. Me and another table have to ask for a menu after we were unattended for like few minutes. 

Also, they didn't clean the table straight away when the customer leave, so it's a bit messy but then again like I said, they are closing so probably that's why. Gonna go back there in the morning next time and update again.


If you feel like trying one of the dishes I mentioned at night then how leh?

Don't worry, I have a solution.

Tip # 6: Visit their branch at the Spring Shopping mall Food Court (behind Igloo, in front of Drink bar)

I don't know why they call it Ayiko Fish Chef here.

Tip # 7: As you can see, the pricing here is slightly more expensive than Jalan Song. But considering it's inside a mall where they have to pay monthly rental and management fees, an increment of less than Rm1 is pretty reasonable to me.

This time I ordered Tomato Fish Mix Soup:

(Sorry about the pic, I am still learning to snap food pic at a better angle)

I like the ingredients, all make from fish but they taste different! Yummy of course! Didn't see any tomato though but the broth is quite sour. I think they added sour plum.  

Tip # 8: So there you go, it follows the operating hours of the Spring so it's from 10am - 10pm. 

Happy feasting! :)

(last updated: 26th Oct 2013)


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