Joke of the day #2

So one week ago, bf missed his flight and was stuck in KL. If he waited for the next KL-Kch flight, I would be seeing him TODAY! Wah, can you believe that? That is crazy!

We tried all options, KL-Penang/Johor/sg/miri/kk etc but it’s all full, even Sg back to Kuching was fully occupied too.

In the end, he decided to fly KL-Jakarta-Pontianak and back to Kch via bus.


Me: *Looking at his tweet* HAHAHAHAHA….

Mom: What are you laughing at?

Me: This!

Mom:*laughs louder than me* HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Me: Kenny is stuck in KL, I think he is too bored! HAHAHA~

Mom: Aiyo~ this boat no motor one! Ask him to ride a ‘shua hu’ faster!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Betahan my cute Mama!

In case you don’t know…

This is ‘Shua Hu’!



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