Happy birthday to this November baby :)

Kenny: You know what people say about November babies?

Me: Don't know boh! What?

Kenny: That our parents enjoyed a little bit too much during Valentine's day.

Me: Really ahh?*counting my fingers*Oh ya hor, 9 months!

Me: But did you ask your mom to see if it's true?

Kenny: NO LAH~!! HOW TO ASK?! *giving me the awkward look*

Me: Onion Head Smiley HAHAHAHAHA.....

I was born in February. Hahaha perhaps my parents enjoyed too much during Labour day somewhat 28 years ago. Not sure about the details (don't want to know also lol), but my mom did say that I was an accident! Well, that is what she claims as 'an accident' but I believe there is no Accident in Life, everything is just meant to be!

I had been thinking about what to get for Kenny's 30th Birthday. It's no easy task! He has almost everything he NEEDS, and the only thing that he WANTS (that can also make him drool) is a Sports Car! But heck, I can only afford toy cars for him. You get it yourself lah dear~!

So one day, when Kenny and I were up at Tokyo SkyTree overlooking the night scenery of this modern city, I was totally amazed by the twinkling charm of Tokyo! It's almost like looking at the reflection of a starry night on a huge pond. It's so pretty!

With our feet 450m off the ground, instantly, I-feel-so-tinnyyyy!

I thought to myself: The world is HUGE! There are so many people (what? over 7 billion right? Always lost count with the zeros behind) and just like how my parents brought me to this world. There is no accident that I show up in his life. It's all meant to be! (can't emphasise enough! LOL) And I want to do something special on his birthday! :)

He is really living his life to the fullest! Juggling between his work x 3, his love life, his family and his own me time. Sometimes I wonder, does he even has the time to just stop and look at the journey he has been through over these 30 years?

Clinging onto that thought, an idea popped out! Let's RELIVE those MOMENTS!

 Onion Head Smiley *Brilliant*

I have very short memory span so my logic is that, if he told me about his friends and I can remember till today, he/she must have significant importance in his life!

So I came up with a list of names, search through the net and fb for contacts and took out tonnes of courage and did something very thick-skinned. Never in my life have I approach someone I have never met before for a big favour! It's kinda awkward you know. But at the same time, I learn that when it comes to love, I always have extra courage hidden somewhere in my soul to do things that surprise myself! :)

I contacted everyone on the list, every-single-one!
Part of me was worried, cause if they went, SIAO EHH~ then OMG, that is super awkward!! Onion Head Smiley

But if it works, I know it's gonna be the best 30th birthday ever!! *Awwww~ Only for you my dear Onion Head Smiley*


*In Boulevard Shopping Centre*
Me: I took a huge risk and I don't know if it will work or not, in case it doesn't, this is your birthday present okay?

Kenny: hahaha ....okay loh!

Aiyo this dear dear and his favourite yoghurt!

*At 老行家food court*
Me: I promise you that I will get you your Ap~ Ap~ Ap~ Apam balik (with a Gangnam tone) for as your birthday present! Nah~!

Kenny: Haha thank you baby! *happily munching on his Apam balik with extra peanuts, the way he likes it*

I declare that I am now AT EASE, if my plan didn't work at least he has something from me.


On Monday night, emails started to flood into his mailbox!

Kenny: What did you do baby? I have been receiving a lot of birthday messages!'

Me: *think to myself 'Ahh~ my surprise CONFIRM worked!'* You will have a full day of surprises Dear!

He sure did! He whatsapp me this special message on the birthday morning:


虽然爸爸不在这个世上,您反而更成熟,更懂事。在母亲的眼里,您永远是我的baby, 所以往后无论去什么地方,请您给我一通电话报平安,好让我安心。




Kenny said he wants to cry.

I ALSO WANT TO CRY Onion Head Smiley so Gan Dong~! This message is worth all my effort!

That night, I blindfold him and brought him to Magenta. He had his juicy steak with blue cheese sauce while I have my all time favourite-Salmon steak. :) When we were done with dinner, the waiter brought out his cake together with his present, a cute bear bear box and a stalk of rose. :)

Forgot to take photo...T__T...but at least I have this.

Him reading my message. :)

Later that night, he printed all his birthday messages and we rolled all them up one by one and fed bear bear box with it. Looking at the full box of messages from his team, family and friends and even his mentor. I felt that he is truly blessed and I feel happy for him.

What makes me even happier is when he thanked me for turning up in his life...my heart melted *so Gan Dong* What he doesn't know is I should be the one thanking him for turning up in mine cause spending every single day with him is a blessing for me. He is one great guy! I feel so lucky to be with him! :)

Happy 30th birthday to this November baby! I love you, my love!

With lots and lots of love,
Your baby :)

p/s: His 29th birthday post is right here!


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