13.11.12 Body Pump

Super quick post.

I came in a bit late for Body Pump class today and I was left with the last 1 kg plates.T.T
Yeah, that is how popular pump classes are, it's fully occupied just minutes before it starts. While I was pumping with the bars, I was still searching for the missing 1kg plate.
WHO TOOK IT? They always come in pairs, who took an extra 1 kg?? IT'S MINE~!!

With the missing 1kg plate, I was left with no choice but to use the 5kg weight on each side for the squats track (I normally have 3.5kg each side). Wahhh, Track 2 only wei~ my thighs were burning dy. How to finish the class?

Thanks to Ryan (a.k.a Regina during Halloween) he donated a 1kg plate for me. * :) hehe....touched*

And then half way through the class, Lee had nosebleed and he apologised for that.

Doesn't he resembles the guy behind?
Awww~ you don't have to say sorry, it wasn't your fault. I can't help but to suspect that Regina is the culprit for Orly's nosebleed. She is too hot!!


The killer track was the rotator (did I spell it right?) where I hold the plates with both my elbows lifted at 90 degress. It's Challenging!! My arms were burning till I couldn't feel it.


That is the best motivational quote!
 I like it when Instructors know exactly how we feel. :) *Good Job Chan*
'He is right!' and I keep going!

Now, every single parts of my body is aching and the only non-aching part are my fingers. T.T
But I had a good workout and I am definitely coming back for more pump!
*Note to self: Come earlier to BP class next time, then got 1kg plate mah*

Photos taken from Level Up Fitness Facebook page :)


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