Shit or Lion?

It's an absolute disgrace when a bf threw a party, celebrating his big 3-0 birthday, and his gf looks shitty!

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

When the lady show me my hairdo, I gave her an astonishing and ELONGATED 'HARRRR~???' = 'WHAT? I PAY YOU ENOUGH TO GET A DECENT MEAL AT MAGENTA, AND YOU MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A LION?!'
 (but muted)

After I repeatedly flatenning my hair with my hands, this is how I look...

I was super-duper upset! I told Kenny I don't want to turn up.
But he said 'Baby, my party is nothing without you!'
Awww, my dear dear~ That is how sweet he is. 
 Everyone was telling me I looked okay, but hell, only Mom was being honest. 
She said I looked like lion. 
Onion Head Smiley
Oh Mama, how can you be so honest when I needed white lie?

Okay lah, at least better than shit! *self-comforting*
 Alright! Enough of this!
 I don't feel any better and it's dragging my energy down!

Okay, I am all good now!


To my dearest dear dear:

 My heart melted listening to this beautiful song from Heatwave. Everything I wanted to say to you is in the lyrics. This is for you Always and Forever. :) Happy 30th Birthday!
I Love you!

:) :)

*Yeap, birthday post next!*


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