Cupid at work

Dear Bloggie, I need to pour it out to you!!

......I just received an sms less than 10 minutes ago, asking if I am seeing someone. How I wish if this was sent by the one that I like, but obviously it wasn't from him.

This is the third person this month that I figured out that they like me. Not too bad at the age of 25, you still get admirer. Now I wonder, when I was in my early 20's why it was dxmn quiet. Pardon my language, but that was exactly how I felt.

My first admirer is a nice guy.

This does not describe him BTW.

I met him in a course called Core Value (CV) and sometimes we hangout with the rest of the CV family, sharing our experiences and awareness. I didn't sense it coming until one day we went to food fair. I don't mind if it's just 2 of us. For me, friends ma, friends can be guy or girl; no big deal. But there was a tiny weeny 1 second where he wrapped his arms around my shoulder and I felt weird as that was not the usual him that I know.

I just thought maybe I am too sensitive. Few days later, he sms and said just thinking about me and wanted to say hi. Hm...again, not the usual him. Weird. Few days later, he dropped me a message in Facebook. I was really touched with the way he expressed himself. He mentioned that life is so unpredictable and we never know what is going to happen next. And for this awareness, he took up the courage to write to me. Every sentences I read, I felt that he was sincere. But...I don't have the heart is with someone else...!

The second person is someone from the Charity I volunteered. I don't know him much but I caught him peeping at me during our training last week. Once (I caught him, he looked away)and ( )x n times! I really don't know him much other than his name and where he works. Sorry, I like someone else.

The third person is someone unexpected! Totally, I was so shocked when I got that message. He is a member in LUF and we talk sometimes. There was once I bumped into him in a cafe together with my Sis during our 'Me Time' and I was impressed with the 'fatherly' side of him babysitting his niece. I believe he will be a good father. heart is just not with him~.

:) My heart is with this great guy that admire. I enjoy talking to him:), being around him :)and joking around:), sms-ing him :D. I feel so connected to him. :) :) But I don't know how he feels :(...and I don't have the courage to ask him about this ;( Dear Cupid, I believe you are around. It's either you have not been practicing your shooting skills for so long that you keep missing on the one I intended to know more about....or that you had just updated your 'bow and arrows' and can shoot many people in one shot.

I hope this is not you. Otherwise, I need to hire a new Cupid~


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