You don't see this everyday!

When I first saw this outside of LUF...I burst out creative! and since I am Ming, this is what I did: I took out my phone and took a photo of this.

Cannot tahan Kenny's sense of Kenny was working in the marketing line, he would be one of the TOP with those entertaining ads.

I think the poster work quite well. Haven't been seeing people smoking in front of LUF then, but maybe few meters away from LUF - YES.

Good la, smoke free! But then, yesterday...

Did you notice what is that? a spider...look closer...

XIU KIONG!!...he wanted a RIDE!!...somemore he was hanging at the window next to driver seat! I was thinking how to get into the car...

Scenario 1:
I opened the car door, he flew in with me...cham lo~! to get it out?

Scenario 2:
Before I open the car door, he flew and landed on my face!!...I would scream on top of my lungs till people at the Kuching Fest could hear me!!..

Scenario 3:
Before I reach the car door, he flew towards me... and I screamed with my mouth opened..and he got shocked and distracted that he flew into my mouth...o~that was the WORSE scenario....

So quickly I covered my mouth, just to be safe while thinking for a solution.




*bling* Got it! :)

...ladies and gentlemen....Got the solutions!

I want to get into the car only ma. Use other doors la! so I went into the car and had another photo of XIU KIONG before saying goodbye.

A shot from bottom! Shy?..hehe..baibai XIU KIONG~!

I drove and thought that the wind would blew it away but that didn't happen. Then I realised that the second WORSE scenario that follow is to bring it home and let him show me his grandchildren days later!...gosh!

*bling* got it!!

I went to Shell to fuel my car and was saved by the worker there. He helped me to deal with XIU KIONG. I think he is now happily living in the Longkang of Shell since migrating there.

Phew~ that was really close...

Got to say: the poster worked really well Kenny...the cockroaches didn't die of cancer!


  1. LOL.. you're funny too Ming :D

  2. I click and think why this look so much like Rose...and it's you!! :)...Waaa....just saw your comment today! :P....aiyoyo


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