My Papa :)

I found this photo recently :)

:) It's me and my Papa... I just loved the connection that this photo has captured.

I don't even recall in my memory. But that girl is SURE me! 01/01/1989 - I am only 3 and a 11/12.

I am daddy's little girl. Although I am 25 this year, Papa sometimes still treats me like a 4-year old. I enjoy that and I am not shy to express my love towards him :).

We hold hands when we go out :)...I will lie on Papa's chest when we watch TV together at home :)...I enjoy my breakfast together with Papa and the freshly made coffee that he makes...I will look at him and say 'I love you Papa' and really mean it and definitely not to miss the 3 M moments I enjoyed so much when Papa shared about his life back in those days!

My daddy, is someone I am really proud of! He always says: Seeing hardworking people make me happy. I can see why he says that - that is his value and his success today is build on top of this hard core foundation of diligent.

As I look into his eyes that is burning with passion and a dazzling smile that I inherited from him, I had a sudden rush of emotions running though me. The wrinkles on the forehead and the white hair that is growing on him make me realised, he is getting older and I am no longer a kid.

Among 5 of the kids that he has, I am the one he worries the most. He always says: You are too green ('嫩' in Mandarine), thinking that I have a mentality of a teenage girl. But it's not true, Papa. It's just that I behave that way so you forget about your age and love me like when I am still young so that I can feel how much you love me since I was born.

You have worked hard and I know that is your way of showing your love to us - providing the SECURITY. Your youngest child is an adult now. I have this vision that one day, I will bring you with me to visit the Coffee farm in Brazil. I hope that dream can be realized 1 year from now :).

I know you hear this every now and then, still, my dear Papa: I love you and I mean it. :)


  1. That's very sweet of you..

    I don't have the courage to do all you do to your Papa..

    But I still love my Papa ;)

  2. You don't need courage to do already did it when you are younger...just do it again! and again! :) they need to know we love them too! :) jia you o...


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