The winning 5-letter word for August 2010

What is your favourite 5-letter word??....thinking?...still thinking??

Well, if you ask me the same question yesterday....I shall either answer 'ALIVE' or 'Xxxxx'...:) not going to tell you who he is! hehehe...

Ui~ finish thinking or not?? I think at this time of a month your mind can only come up with one 5 letter word hor? M-O-N-E-Y, Same here!

Just got my payslip, then I wonder, why every month I got EXCITED about it then 2 weeks later got PANICK about it and the last week got CRAZY about it!

Allow me to explain...
You see, when I get the $$, first of all, I clear up my credit cards debts, then got Home Tax, then petrol and that my dear friend, used up near half of my salary! With the remaining half, I need to plan on how much to spend weekly so it's not over-budget.

I don't know if you and I share this issue: by the end of the month, I wonder where did I spend all the $$ I earn?...I noticed that this year. That is why smart Ming decided to save 1/4 of my salary...and 1/2 of another of my 1/4 salary on 'TRAVEL FUND'...ohh :)..I really like the idea of travel fund! hehehe...

But the side effect of doing this, is that 2 weeks later. I am attacked by this thing call 'PANICK'...watching your account going dry is the second scariest thing followed by the terrible experienced I had watching a 'lap dance' by this 60+ old Australian 'grandma' to my poor guy friend celebrating his 21st and was being tied on a chair.... HE WAS TERRIFIED....!! thinking of's like Grandma = HUNGRY wolf; my poor friend = TENDER lamb...Yum~....

hahahahahaha...let me laugh for a while.....hahahaha...! HILARIOUS!

Seriously, she put me off. Her body is

minus the fan...she got that effect already...

then you plus it on with this:

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!>>>>>>>>That is scarry!!

So now can you imagine how it is like when your account is getting dry??

I am glad I am at the end of 'PANICKING'...going to get my $$ tomorrow!! :) Wee~...time to get CRAZY!!


p/s: Ya...I make sure I save it first...


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