Wedding 101: My reviews of Mei Ling - the Makeup Artist (MUA)

Updated: 24/4/2015

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When it comes to make up, I’m just hopeless. And every time I do my own make up, it’s giving me a lot of stress (believe it or not? Make up also give me stress *alamak!!*). The hardest part is to do the eye makeup. No matter how nice and even I colour my lids, once I open my eyes, they’re gone! 内双就是这样*T___T*

So I know, I really need a skillful Make Up Artist (MUA) on my wedding day. And since skillful means good and good means they get booked out fast! I hired ‘Mei Ling’ at the very early stage of my wedding planning.

Actually, the correct spelling of her name is Mui Lin but you’ll often find her name appearing on the internet as ‘Mei Ling’. She has over 20 years of experience with Bridal Make up, she works with Pearl Studio and she also does freelancing. Her style of makeup trends towards natural looking with lots of details on the eyes! That is exactly what I needed help with (the most)!

After reading the reviews on forums, I booked her immediately without even asking for a trial. I thought ‘since the brides (the reviews) are happy with her, she must be good then’.

Indeed, she is!

To be fair, this is how I look like without make up. [Note, pay attention to my eyes 内双*=___=*]

And now, I'll show you her artistic work on me. Hehehe. Oh ya, these photos here are temporary ones from my phone, update again when I get my photos from my wedding photographer ok? One more thing is, I decided to use a range instead of a specific amount on Mei Ling's rate, cos I think it's more appropriate that way. =) Ready?


This is my look during my engagement in March early this year.

Rate: Rm70 - Rm100
Time: 30-45 mins
Verdict: 7/10
She did my makeup and gave me a simple natural curl on my engagement day. I love the makeup (look at my eyes~)!! I feel that the only thing that is missing is a classy hair clip to complete the look.


Rate: Rm150 - Rm180
Time: 45 mins – 1 hour
Verdict: 10/10
Yes, I had my hair up! I asked Mei Ling to add volume to my hair (cos the back of my head very flat wan) and she did magic using different types of curler to style my hair. I love this pure, elegant look, it matched so well with my gowns! Love it!


Rate:Rm180 - Rm200
Time: 45 mins – 1 hour
Verdict: 9/10
I wore the same gown as ROM before I get changed into my evening gown. Even though it’s the same gown, Mei Ling played with my hair and give me this chic look! Hehe fun and playful looking bride! (Too bad I don't have the side profile cos she actually did some design there) - Now I do!



Mom and Dad were about to give me away to Kenny.

Time: 45 mins – 1 hour
Verdict: 8/10
I guess this is the only time I get to wear a tiara? LOL. This is more of a princessey look. It's elegant but I feel my hair is so big lah. Maybe I am not used to it, cos it's looks good here. hehehe


Time: 45 mins – 1 hour
Rating: 10/10
OOPS! I can't find a proper photo of me and this is the closest I can get until our photographer gives us his shots! (ANDY~~ Photos pls!!). Sorry, I can't make it any bigger or it'll start to get blurry. But that aside, Already attached a clearer pic! I seriously love this look. After showing Mei Ling my outfit for the night, which is a red laced evening gown with short train, she asked if I want to put on RED lipstick and Red Roses! I am excited by the idea, so I said YES! I love this lah! So sweet looking!  

PRICE for Actual Day (morning & night make up + hair do): Rm 480 - 500

Okay, so these are my reviews! hehehe....


For anyone considering about hiring Mei Ling, I strongly recommend her. 

Nothing can go wrong when you found someone who is so passionate about her work. She's very organised, you don't have to worry if she's loss somewhere or forget your appointment, she does her work beforehand. She even ask me to snap a photo of my gown so she can start thinking about the look to match. Tick. She's very helpful too, I don't know how many times I whatsapp her asking questions on veil. hehe got extra service. Tick. And another thing I like about her is she is happy to lend you accessories, now that is one big TICK if you are a DIY bride! Did I mention, she is very easy to work with? If you have special request just let her know she is very friendly wan.

And here is Mei Ling's Contact number: 019-877 4404
She's on Whatsapp too, do text her in Chinese ~.


Hope these helps! And if you have any wedding post request do let me know! 

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