Wedding 101: Choosing a venue for Wedding Reception

*Updated: 25 July 2014*

*Hi, I am preparing for wedding on 09/09/2014 and I'll be sharing my story/ useful info/tips on my little space here. Hopefully it's helpful.  

I have created a new label under 'Weddings 101' so do check them out! 


I guess both parents have met and set your wedding date? Next up: You need to book a wedding venue ASAP!

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Let's face it! There is only <----> this much of wedding reception venues to choose from in Kuching, plus with that 吉日, you can pretty much expect that there are a few more couples that are getting married on the same day!

I suggest you get an idea about:
Tip #1: if both families are gonna have a joined reception (男女联婚) or separate?
Tip # 2: the max numbers of guests invited.

These two questions will help to narrow down the available choices.

Tip #3: here is the compilation I have done for tables above 40:

(pls note prices indicated excludes 6% tax and 10 % service charge (except for Riverside and Grand Margherita), price as reference only, contact them respectively for menus and packages)

1) Hilton:
Tel: 223 810 or 223 888
Fax: 223 986
Contact person: Aderine Lo (
Max table: 45 tables
Price: Rm 800 - 1000/table 

2) KTS Garden (closed on Tuesday)
Website: /
Facebook: /
Tel: 332 513
Contact person: Mrs Lau (Datin)
Max table: 60
Price: Rm 700 - 800/ table 

3) Grand Margherita:
Hotline: 019-816 6099
Tel: 423 111 or 532 111
Fax: 426 169
Contact person: Amy Lim (
Max table: 60 (combine ballroom and restaurant, note: same tables can't see stage)
Price: Rm 700 - 850/table (NETT)

4) 4 points by Sheraton: 
Tel: 280 888
Fax: 280 670
Contact person: Ms. Myla (
Max table: >80
Price: Rm 700-1000/table

5) Riverside Majestic:
Hotline: 019-826 7899
Tel: 247 777 or 532 222
Fax: 425 858
Contact person: Amy Lim (
Max table: 100+ 
Price:  Rm 800 - 950/table (NETT)

6) Pullman: 
Tel: 222 888 ext 1110 or 019-889 7692
Fax: 222999
Contact Person: Marina Abu Bakar (
Max  table: 100+ 
Price: Rm 800 - 1100/table

7) Borneo Convention Center Kuching (BCCK):
Tel: 392 888 or 010-987 6878
Toll Free: 1-800-88-BCCK (2225)
Fax: 490 222
Contact person: Laila Johari (
Max table: >100
Price: Rm 750 - 950/table

Well, you can start your research here!
Do bear in mind that the price will change over time so don't expect the price will remain the same after 5 years! You'll have to do your part from here! 


Tip #4:Some quick notes:
1) As mentioned Grand Margherita and Riverside Majestic's prices are Nett.

2) 4 points by Sheraton:Heard that charges of Rm 2000 will be incurred if you use you own wedding planner instead of in-house. How true? Well, you can ask cause it's not shortlisted in mine.

3) BCCK: it seems to be the most flexi of all, anything you don't want from the package they'll convert it to value. That is a big tick!


And here is the last tip!
Tip # 5: Secure at least a booking (2 is better)! Just get back to them before the release date (which means it's open to public for booking again) and of course once you've confirmed with them you'll need to secure the date with deposit. 
By the time you have confirm a wedding reception venue, the most gan cheong part is settled and the pressure should lessen a whole lot~!


Drop me a line if you have questions or latest updates! ^^

Coming next: Wedding Planner (if you need a hand!)


  1. Quite helpful information on choosing a right venue for wedding reception. Couple of months ago, I arranged my nephew’s ring ceremony at one of graceful yet outdoor Seattle venues. Got to know about this venue through internet. It was a beautiful location and everyone loved arrangements.

    1. Oh wow! The sound of it already so romantic! ;)
      (Sorry for the super late reply, but I do read them)

  2. Hi, firstly I have to thank you for sharing your experience and advice here... I'm so glad to come across your blog while googling for wedding tips in Kuching!! All the information provided are so sincere yet useful! May I know if you have a brief timeline for the wedding preparation as reference? It seems like you actually started preparing for your big day one year ago XD Thanks a lot xoxo

    1. Hi Miko, thanks for the message. Yes, I prep one year in advance, because I have 3 wedding ceremony to plan for.

      The timeline I downloaded it from the internet and amend it accordingly to my weddding. :) a good app for organising and planning is Trello. Have a look.

      (Sorry for the super late reply, but I do read them) :)

  3. Not everyone is your future. Some people just skim through your life to give you some life lessons.”


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