Joke of the Day #30: Kok Kok Kay

*shopping with mom in prep of Chinese Custom wedding*

Me: Oh mama~!! ^^ Kenny and I are wondering, can we get a cuter kok kok kay instead of the metal one on our wedding?

Mom: What do you mean?

Me: We saw these kok kok kay on the internet, they are sooooo cuteeee! Let me show you!

Me:  *take phone out* Neh~~ you see ahh....this one quite cute! Got polka dots on hahahhahaha (thinking: hahahaha like they got chickenpox of course I didn't say it out lah~~~)

Me:  And this one got stripes on! hahahhaahaha (thinking: Like they came from jail!lolol

Me:  This one also very cute like marshmallows! 

Me:  and this is my favourite and it's for wedding too! See~ soooo cute!!!    

Me:  Ma, can we replace the metal kok kok kay.....

Mom:  *Stares*

Me: *gulps* Oh.....we'll stick with the metal kok kok kay then......

Mission fail.

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