Wedding 101: Don't know what to prep for Chinese Custom Wedding? Read this! ^^

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Hi girls, 

In the end, I had no time to blog yesterday. T___T Sorry lah ~ ~ ~ I over estimated my ability. I think I am like Octopus mah, can do a lot of things one go! Mana-tau, this doesn't apply to house cleaning. T____T my poor hands. 

Anyway, that aside, let's get back to business. 

hehe ~

So, this post was supposed to be about ROM, but then I decide that since I recently just did my shopping in prep of my Chinese Custom Wedding, I'll do this post first!

But first! A quick poll!

Hands up if you are getting married soon and are clueless with the things you need for your Chinese Custom Wedding?

Okay. That's a lot of you.

Hands up if you think never mind my mom/mil will prep the stuff cos they know what is needed, plus, they don't need me anyway?

Okay, hands down pls.

Surprise, surprise! If that is what you think, be prepared to get nag by your Ma and second time from your MIL! COS, I kena dy. They'll say you get married or I get married! Boh liang boh juak! Of course you have to prepare lah!! 


but but but I don't know what to prepare~~~! 

It's okay dear, help is here.

After all the nagging and don't know how many time I was told I'm being Boh Liang Boh Juak, I've finally compiled the list!

Next, I want to spread this list out and save other brides! hohoho say hurray cos now mamas are nagging no more!! lol

Here it is, 

Checklist for Chinese Custom Wedding:
梳子一对                           Comb x 2
镜子一个                           Mirror x 1
剪刀一支                           Scissors x 1
彩色线 (双数)                   Colour thread/strings x even number
针线一盒                           Needle & String x 1
量身尺一条                        Tailoring tape x 1
扇子两支                           Fan x 2
牙膏两支                           Toothpaste x 2
牙刷两支                           Toothbrush x 2
香皂两粒                           Soap x 2

香皂盒两粒                        Soap Box x 2
化妆品一对                        Cosmetic
床单一套                           Bedsheets (King 6ft, Queen 5ft)
百子千孙尺一支                   Ruler x 1
红灯一对                           Red lamp x 1 set
双喜红包袋(双数)             Red packets x even number
礼篮子一个                        Basket x 1
大门红布一条                     Red Door Curtain x 1
红雨伞一支                        Red Umbrella x 1
金鸡一对                           Golden Chicken x 2

红皮箱一个                        Luggage x 1
双喜茶具一套                     Tea set x 1
双喜灯笼(福州)一对          Lantern (FooChow) x 2
双喜烛(龙凤烛)一对          Dragon Phoenix candle x 2
双喜贴纸(双数)                Sticker x even number
双喜痰盂                           Spittoon x 1
双喜面盆一个                      Basin x 1
双喜口杯两个                      Mug x 2
双喜面巾两个                      Face Towel x 2
双喜手帕两个                      Handkerchief x 2


Helpful leh~~~!

And here is....

where you can get it: 

1) 688 (next to 101): Bring your member card along for 5% discount!
2) 昌明 Cheong Ming (No. 13, India st): opposite SOS shoe store
3) D'loves (Ban Hock Road): Opposite Choon Hui Kopitiam (Tips from Evelyn ^^)

Elsewhere in Malaysia:

Hmmm, girls, do let me know if you know where to buy them, I'll add it on together with your name as ref (thanks Evelyn!) 

I've done my bit, how bout you?

Leave a message below!

Okay, that's all from today!

Shall Blog about Joke of the Day: kok kok kay tomorrow! ^^ (damn funny I tell you lolol)


  1. Nice list. I dont remember I have that much to buy for my wedding 10 years ago. Haha.


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