Joke of the Day #29: Beyonce Chicken

*During our trip in GuiLin, China*

Me: *Staring at the lawn from our hotel room*

Kenny: What are you looking at baby?

Me: ...Dear Dear, the chicken here so sexy wan! Look at those legs and butt!

*Whatever he was doing, he stopped and joined me*

Kenny: Wuuu~ ~ ~ ~ ~!!! Drumsticks!!!

Me: HAHAHAHA!!! So sexy right?!

Kenny: You mean like Beyonce har?

Me: HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yalor!!!

Kenny: It's a Beyonce Chicken!!!

Me: HAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, it's a HOT CHICK!

p/s: No offense to Beyonce, so fans of Beyonce pls don't take it seriously, that is just the way we are! 

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