Joke of the Day #28: I am flattered! Still! :D

*I have been saving my hair for my wedding and it has reached a state where I am just too lazy to tidy it, so on a usual day, I'll just tie a bun on my head. One day, Kenny picked me up after his lunch.....*

Kenny: Baby, remember the Hainan Chicken shop's owner? The Taukenio?

Me: Ya?

Kenny: She asked if you work as a Air Stewardess!

Me: WAHHHH!!! I am flattered!!! *Thinking: Must-be my hair! HAHAHAHAHA*

Me: *excited* Then what do you tell her?!

Kenny: I said don't you think she is too short for that! *LOL*

AIYA!!!! This dear dear ahh, I am 160cm leh.... ......

Okay lah, I'm 159.5cm. But at least I am 1.5cm above the min. height requirement! *feeling proud* I am not short OKAY?!!!

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