Credit Card Theft :(

Was happily shopping for my house and was interrupted by a message.

It goes....


The only CNY I know is Chinese New Year! What currency is this? 

I googled and it's China's Currency (not RMB meh??!.....)

Okay loh, at least I learn something new.

CNY of 8.66 is like Rm 5 or so and I thought it's from the Credit Card charges that didn't went through in China (Yalah, went shopping in China in recent trip and only know they don't accept our Credit Cards after my card fail! T_____T  看看看Credit Card 不是万能的!!!)

My brain wasn't registering at all, and I thought if China can't accept my card, there's no way they can use my card in China right? ~ ~ ~ *delete thoughts and con't shopping for house deco wtf!*

An hour later, I had a missed call, a message in my voicemail and a message in the box! All saying the same thing!



How did that happen?

*thinking with my eyes wide* --> NO IDEA!

I dialed the number with some mixed feelings! 

How do I know if the person on the other hand is setting me up to get my personal info? But if I don't give it to them, how do they verify my identity leh? #confusedming 

He asked for my IC number, came back to me a minute later and asked if I have done a transaction of CNY 8.66?

I said No!

He continued by asking if I have made another transaction in Canada? 

I said that's not me for sure!

He questioned further if I have made 2 recent transactions in Kuching, and he gave the exact locations and amount Credit Card purchases correctly and my heart got lightened. 

Now I am sure he is from the bank! 

Which means I can RAAGGGEEE now!!!

*Waving fist* Who is that BASTARD that stole my identity?!!!! If you want something, buy it yourself lah! Don't tell me you are jobless or handicapped or the weather is too hot (if you've watched video, you know what I mean), if you have the skills to steal someone's identity, you have the skills to feed yourself! Get yourself a job, and you can buy your bread, your card and pls, don't forget to 'buy back' your real identity.

Don't you feel that your dignity is bruised being a thief? 

Totally not cool at all! 

Folks, here are some short but useful readings on Credit Card Fraud, I say have a quick read, you got nothing to lose! (Read 1, 2, 3, 4)

A big thank you to the Fraud Detection Team for picking up this suspicious transaction!

(and to that bastard! Hate you! ) 1 week..... 


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