Joke of the Day #21: The Hunger Games

Cuddling at home after watching The Hunger Games

Me: Dear Dear ahh, I feel like # 3 boh! (Code: FART)

Onion Head Smiley  *Immediately he springs 2 meters away from me*

Kenny: Let-It-Out baby!

* Reveling in his imagination, he pokes his finger into the gas*

Kenny: *shriek* Run!! Run ~ Baby!!!! The gas is poisonous!!!

*Watching him running around and acting in pain -  HAHAHAHAH!!! This silly dear dear ahh so entertaining ahh!!!*

Me: *LOL* Not yet dear, the lightning haven't stuck! I'd hold it! Onion Head Smiley

Kenny: Onion Head SmileyOnion Head SmileyOnion Head Smiley

p/s: You'll only get the joke if you watched The Hunger Games! LOL!

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