Joke of the Day #16: his definition of recycling

At Taiwan TaoYuan International Airport upon entering Departure Gate.

*Emptying trolley & found a water bottle*

Me: Dear Dear! Please recycle this water bottle. *pointing at the recycling bins*

*While Kenny walks towards the recycling bins……*

Me:  NOOOO~~ Dear!! Don’t do that!! *stun*

*Staring at Kenny with disbelief while he returned with a mouthful of water…..and gave me a puzzled look*

Me:  *still in disbelief*...... I….wasn’t sure………if that water bottle… ours……..

*WATER DROOLS FROM HIS MOUTH and all over his cloths*

Me:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This dear dear ahh! So dramatic one!

Kenny: Why you didn’t tell me?

Me:  I said recycle it leh, how do I know you’re gonna recycle it into your tummy? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

*Kenny whimpers*

Me:  I hope the person brushes his/her teeth! Then you won’t feel so bad loh! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


*both runs around like 5-year-old kids*

Hahahaha!! Well, actually, it's a good practice to empty the bottle before recycling it (option of emptying the water on a plant or down the tummy LOL). 

So yeah, I guess you are right dear. I should have let you known earlier!


^^ *wicked smile*


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