My little diary: 29th June - 2nd July 2013

SATURDAY 29.06.13


If our wisdom teeth serve no purpose, why do we have not 1 but 4 of them?

*Feeling Perplex*
Can someone tell me why the Clever one always have to go?? And they always take my money with them?  Onion Head Smiley

This is the second time my dentist advises me to remove my wisdom tooth (cause I couldn’t clean it properly), first time round coward said No, this time round I got a little gutsy and said Yes. After all, if it’s a time-bomb why keeps it? (Damn wise decision right?)

But to be honest, I am so scared leh! I always think that behind the secretive door where the sound of the drills came from, Mr Bean is sitting there with the drill in his hand.

Photo taken from
Luckily, that is not the case.  

Dr William is a very gentle and professional dentist! He removed my tooth without causing any discomfort post procedure! Bye bye wisdom tooth! *flush down the toilet (actually, what happen to my pull tooth ahh?)*

So if you are looking for a good dentist, go to Dr William. This is where you’ll find him:


ADDRESS: 1st floor, L429, Sublot 3, Jalan Tun Jugah, Kuching 93350. 
(at the shoplots diagonally opposite Borneo Medical Centre, same row with Guardian)

PHONE: 082-453 905

And if you haven’t read about the jokes, click here! It’s so funny!

SUNDAY 30.06.13

LUF is having 3 guests from Parkway Cancer Centre flown in from Singapore to give a health talk on Cancer and healthy eating. And one of them is a dietitian.

It makes me think….

I got my degree after few years of study in Nutrition, work 2 years in hospital practicing and now I am only using like 5% of my nutrition knowledge in my current field. The maths doesn’t work out leh!

Like anything we learnt, it gets rusty if we don’t use it. And I am felling the bluntness of my nutrition knowledge. *sigh* Shame on me!

Then, I had a thought – Hospital is not the only place to practice Nutrition!

And the thought provoked an idea - What if I start by blogging something simple? That would get me back on track! And I can have a peer to review my work to ensure everything is right and slowly regain my confidence!
Photo taken from
I don’t know. My monkey mind said it sounds big and I don’t know if I could consistently manage this into my time. But I have to start somewhere……it’s time to get back on track Ming! Go get it!

MONDAY 01.07.13

1st of July – half year gone dy! I am left with another 6 months before 2013 calls it another year.

A brand new start to the second half of the year, I registered myself in Body Balance (BB) training, and I just got the email from Les Mills!

I would have never thought for BB training years ago. Guess what age do to you? LOL. It makes you think again!  

And I think it would balance up my cardio workout quite nicely with a mix of TaiChi, Yoga, Pilattes (WITH MUSIC!!) in it!

I got 3 months to get ready! Wish me luck!

TUESDAY 02.07.13

I skipped Gym today and went for armpit whitening!

Please lah, don’t laugh at me, my self-esteem is pretty fragile!!!

Well, actually, I bought it from Groupon months ago and it’s expiring this weekend. It’s a bit awkward at first, after all, I am letting someone I meet for the first time to examine my armpit! All of a sudden, I feel so naked!

But the good side of it is, I learnt a few beauty tips like it’s better to pluck your ‘pit hair’ than to shave it. Cause, according to the therapist, they grows slower and thinner if you pluck them off. She also mentioned that people who use deodorant has darker armpits. 

So what are the alternatives, you asked?
  1. Baking soda: Add a little bit of water (do not dissolve) into baking soda and rub it under your pits. Or if you prefer to dust it, mix 1 baking sode: 6 corn starch.
  2. Lemon: slide a slice of lemon under your pits to ward of odour-causing bacteria.
  3. Hand sanitizerthe alcohol kills the bacteria, what’s more, you can add essential oil to add scent. *wise idea!*
So there you go, which one are you gonna try? I think Hand sanitizer is pretty handy for me since I do carry it around to clean my hands, just didn’t know that it can be used to deodorize pits! LOL

Oh~ note to self: upload armpits jokes!!!


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