Behind the scene: Level Up Fitness - Superhero Theme!

It’s a bird……

It’s a plane……

It’s supergirl!!!

(cause superman still looking for his red undies mah~ LOL)

It has been a while since we have a themed class. So when Kenny brought up the idea of superhero theme for our relaunch. I like it immediately! Hahahaha you should see the faces of the instructors. There was a 3-second delay followed by the jaw dropping stunt! LOL

Man, this is definitely the BIGGEST RELAUNCH EVER! *excited* We are all in for the deal !!! *jeng jeng jeng*

With a few emails back and forth across the GX, we were pretty much set for our characters! We have Cat Woman, Spider Man, Wolverine, Female Thor, etc. And Us, Jammers are in for Sailor Moon! *Moon ~ ~ ~Crys~tal~ Powerrrrr!!!*

Photo from Internet
It took 1-2 weeks for most of the costumes to arrive. Like what I said ‘Most’! 

Unfortunately Jammers and Combaters’ costumes were stuck in KL for unknown reason!! We called only to find out that they somehow lost the parcel in their warehouse! -.- lll And they promise they will investigate for us. (Liddat still fit to provide courier service meh?)

So Gin-Tio!

Negative. No sign of our parcel. -__-
Nana, Didi and I were panicking. If we don’t have costumes it means we need to sort out a Plan B.

No sign of our parcel still. At this point, our hope of finding our customes dies off  -_______-
Plan B came to life - Powerpuff girls.

Easy right, just coloured singlets and short pants will do. Right?


We shopped the whole of Plaza merdeka and can hardly find one that we are happy with. DIE.
That night after we returned to LUF, Kenny showed us the Ironman T that he bought. Zhun zhun hor got 3! That lightened us up abit! We quite like the shirt cause the light in front of the chest makes it so party-like!  

*Sorry PowerPuff girls, you gotta step aside*

I planned to wear Kenny’s ‘limited edition’ watch

and put on this make up
Photo from Internet
Just when we thought everything is good, something happen.


Unexpectedly, we girls received an email from Kenny saying that the outfit is finally here! (Up to date, none of us knew what exactly happened. Did they misplace it? Lost but then and found it or if it’s the long gawai break that my fingers should be pointing at? NO idea)

I was like ‘Nooooo!  I want to wear the limited edition watchhh!!!'

I feel like a glitched superhero, one moment Sailor Moon, one moment powerpuff then next moment Ironman. Sot already!

Me in Sailor Moon Outfit :)
DiDi in Sailor Mars Outfit :)

And this is Ah John in his Batman suit. LOL. He is so funny, he said without his yellow belt he looks like DBKU staff. HAHAHHAHAHAHA!! 


Body Jam 65 – Afro Circus Jam!

Anime Make up ON!

Outfit On! 


Three of us were being secretive with our characters. We wore an extra jacket/beach wear to LUF, covered our head with a towel and walk into Main studio with Sunglasses on.

Sailor moon music plays and we hid behind a cloth (well actually, it’s my home curtain. Hehehehe) 
Jammers were laughing when all they saw was our towels and jackets flying from the Stage. Hahahaha! It was a bit rush but it's fun! I don't know how superman can transform so fast, I think we only qualify for a 'L plate' superheroes. LOL.

Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter! (Photo from Level Up Fitness FB)
Man, I love Body Jam 65!! It's too awesome!!! *love love love*
The 5 of us!

I came to LUF earlier and our Combat team were rehearsing with PK - Les Mills Body Combat Trainer/Presenter!


 The thing is, 6 lack 1.

Our Guest Instructor/ DVD Presenter, Reagan Kang had flight delays and will be arriving at Kuching 10 minutes before the class starts.

By the time, he pass immigration get his luggage hopped on a taxi (and maybe lost his way), we probably were done with Combat Relauch loh! That would be a pity! Cause everyone is so excited!

Level Up Members dressed up as Superheroes! :) (photo from LUF Fb)
So I volunteered to pick up the Reagan from the airport together with Baba and Nana. Aiya Didi, lack you nia, otherwise I would call it a 'Wonder Girls Mission' hehehe.

Adrenaline were pumping. 

I over took the cars in front. 

I want to bring Reagan into LUF FAST and SAFE! 

It's 7.10pm, we were at the Traffic lights outside the Airport and we saw an AirAsia Flight landing.  That might be Reagan's flight! 

He got to LUF in time for his tracks. :) *high 5*

And the girls went crazy over him! LOL!
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Semua sot ki!

Ahhhh~ I am so glad things fall in place! 
We made it!


Okay here is a whole lot of photos taken from Level Up Fitness FB - Superhero Theme!

Joker, Invisible Girl, Spiderman!

RMP Class!

 Body Attack!
Clark Kent!
Cat Woman!

Body Attack Class!


Body Balance! 

Body Balance Class!

Body Jam!
Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter in the house!
And I am Sailor Mars!
Sailor Mars!
Body Jam Class!


Body Combat!
Female Thor!
Darth Vader
Hahahaha this photo damn funny lah!

Body Combat Class!!


Body Pump!
Bane, Batgirl, AirBender!
Body Pump Class!

Cool huh?
There are a lot more photos at Level Up Fitness Facebook. Do check it out! :)
Dress to win a movie tix!
*The end*


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