Joke of the Day # 12: Marry me!

This is the cutest scene ever!!!

I got home in my Sailor Mars Outfit after our Body Jam -Superhero Theme relaunch!
And my 5 y.o niece greeted me at the door......
p/s: got to write it with a mix of chinese and english, that is how we talk at home ;)

Celeste: *running to the door*

Me: Hi Celeste! 可以帮小姑姑开门吗?

Celeste: *excited* Wahhhhh!!! 小姑姑你好美好美啊~~~~!!!!

Me: awwww~~~~~ thank you Celeste!!

Celeste: *super excited* 你真的好美好美啊!!!!! *happily jumping around*

Celeste: Onion Head Smiley~~~ 好美~~ ~~~~~~好美~~~!!!!! *orbiting on the spot*

Me: hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Celeste: *out of a sudden* 小~姑~姑~~~~!你很美啊!!!!!!!!! 我要Marry你~~~~~~!!!


This silly silly girl!! LOL. Cute Max!


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