Panda genes


Okay, this is going to be another emo post!

Just finished my Jam class at Sesco. As usual, 'W' waited for me after class for some chit chatting. Unlike our previous conversation which we talked about things like sports bras and exercise; I was completely stunned by her sudden gaze............Feeling awkward, I thought she was gonna tell me I have discharge in my eyes. But nope that wasn't the case. She politely asked if.................. I have started on facial maintenance! 

T__________________________T at that moment, I felt a sudden pain in my chest as if thousands of knives had just stabbed through it~ !!   T_________________________________T AGEING!!! I AM AGEINGGGGG ~ !!!!!!! *Emo + Weepy + State of Denial* That is a million times worse than telling me I got MakSai!! 

It's my Panda genes! *Sob* I got it from my dad! And I swear I got do maintenance one lah (esp when Kenny is away)! See, I got Midnight recovery eye from Kiehl's, Stem Cellular repair eye treatment from Juice beauty and another one from Shaklee (which I barely used). Ehhh~ ~ speaking of which O.o" I think my Shaklee eye repair is gonna celebrate it's birthday liao. Oh O! Okay~ , going to throw it away! I don't know why they never finish! It's either  the surface area under my eyes are so small or someone secretly top it up for me (must be Santa).  

*Pout* Baru got Juice Beauty mgs bout member day sale then got this feedback! Is it a sign? What should I get this time? I got facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer liao. Things are getting complicated when I add more things to my morning 'love myself maintenance' routine. It's confusing too! So many thing to put on, which one comes first? The more I think about it, the more I felt it's all a scam! Seriously, who came out with all these things? And with layers and layers of skin as barrier protection, how can the whatever proclaim goody in the beauty products penetrate through the skin underneath when pores are tunnels with dead end?  You tell me lah, you tell me lah! and who knows with so many different things on my face, maybe it generate some chemical reaction leh? Aiya~ ~, hopeless hopeless, I think they are all going to celebrate another year of birthday!

:( I am taking multivit, drinking green tea and trying to keep my diet nutritionally balance to keep my body happy and ward off any free radicals. If this still doesn't free me from at least a few more years of ageing~, I guess I have to get myself a dozen of plasters to stick my lines off. *Sigh* Wouldn't it be easier if we can iron them out like our clothes?  

=_____________= I am only 27.....and a half. It's too early to deal with Ageing at this age!! At least not now~! Much much later, pleaseeee ~!


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