Behind the scene: Gangnam style Flash Mob (Kuching)

I don’t know about you, but when I first listen to this song, I was wondering why is this Korean song sing so much about Jiangnan,China? And the chinese translation of Gangnam literally spells 江南 (Jiangnan). With a quick google, it cracked my puzzle. Apparently, the chinese translation of Gangnam (江南) is misleading lah. You can read it all here. (So got it now? :))

Over the 2 months period, this Korean pop song has received 160 million clicks on youtube so far!! Gangnam style oh Gangnam style!! You swept across the continents like a storm and invaded everyone with your haunting chorus. Even who invades my car speakers are now invaded by YOU! Uncontrollably, making everyone move their feet and wanna go single-single-double, doing  the iconic horseback/ cowboy moves. But please ahh, don’t do it when you drive okay (Safety # 1 mah)! hehehehe.

The Gangnam storm is still going strong and last week, it landed in Kuching! :D You probably have read the news.

And this blog post is gonna reveal the behind the scene stories and SCARES! *jeng jeng jeng*

It was a perfect timing. Nana was about to do her Body Jam (BJ) video certification and we were joking about Gangnam-ing after her class. I told my Oppa about it and to my surprise, he said we can do it during LUF roadshow! I break the news to our BJ secret group and within the next 24 hours, we had another secret group formed. Friends were inviting friend. Within 2 days, 'The Mob *GANGNAM MOB*' crew was formed.! ;) 

The viral Gangnam style is irresistible! Every time we have a practice (which is pretty much like everyday!) the crew disciplinary report themselves to LUF. Some even came way before BJ or Zumba classes ended! (ahemm...go to work got this 乖 ~ boh?? hahaha...) We scheduled 6 dance rehearsal over a week. It started as one big group on day 1, practising just the chorus part; Over the days, the groups were dividing among themselves (depending on their progress) it's almost like watching cell division live!  :) in the end, the group grew larger and larger (pls don't say it's cancerous ahh) and the 4 of us from the BJ team have to split among ourselves to tutor them.
The 4 of us: Me, FoFo, DiDi, NaNa :) :) :) :)
Everyone was having heaps of fun! I think people at the Travillion must be thinking why LUF so happening one?! It was almost like throwing a big party evverynight! lol. Of course mah, we have a group of caffeine overdoze crew that just want to keep on going and going until they were reminded that it's 10pm liao = Ming's Pak toh time liao! lah, not the last bit! I am very shy one!

We did the mob twice at the Spring. The first one was on Saturday (8th Sept) at 8pm, Centre court. But, somehow, around 7.30pm shoppers are forming a squarish 'stage' for us just in front of Level Up Booth. Ehhhh~ ~, no more surprised. It's not a mob anymore, it's more like a performance now! -____- How did they know about Mob I also don't know. Then, when we were about to start the show, we suddenly have technical audio issue- The sound system MUTED out of a sudden! SIE LOH! PLAN B! PLAN B! We need Plan B!!!! Ahrmm....... playing Gangnam style on 20 iphones at the same time at the MAX VOLUME?????????? We were pressing every single button on it until it came ALIVE again! PHEW~ ~ ~, my Oppa had cold sweat from this! HaHaHaHaHa....

Here is Day 1: 
The sound system was too soft and we were intimidated by the crowd. Not as entertaining as we hoped.......
The Horseback: Day 1 Post Gangnam-ing :D
But the good news was, we have another one the next day. We troubleshooted the sound system issue with a brand new plan: Gangnam at North Court!  Gotta thank Nicholas for making this happen. :) Thanks Nick~ ! So we ask everyone to put on their Level Up T-shirt without telling them the plans. Well, intentionally, in case anyone freak out mah! HaHaHaHa. Only till half an hour before the mob, they would get to know about the PLAN.........

.......My Oppa together with Jack will pull a chair each to Centre Court just before we hit the music. We expect  people would stop and look out of curiosity. So when the music plays, they went ' *point at the crowd* *signalling follow me*. Then they do the cowboy/ horseback all the way to North court and get the door for Nana from one of the Ford car! And Nana will be walking out from there 'Sat Sat = cool cool' and taking over the attention! that idea? ^.^
Hahaha....did you see the cowboy? Good try Oppa! :) For those of you who didn't know, to ask my Oppa to DANCE in public is as tough as asking him to carry my handbag (he totally against carrying it for me okay!) But he still did it for us! I am so proud of him for going outside of his comfort zone and did the cowboys! :) :) They both sure caught peoples' attention. I was shocked to see a swarm of bees..... wait, I mean people from the ground and 1st floor, running towards north court! How spectacular was that? 

Even my 6 year-old niece, later cried in disappointment telling me that she can't squeezed into the crowd to watch us perform! *awwwwww~* That was how awesome things turned up that day! :)
The Cowboys: Day 2 Post Gangnam-ing (with Oppa! hahahahha) 
Since then, we were on the news for a few days and Nana gained her popularity on FB and Youtube :)

Nana, check out the comments on Day 1 video, you got secret admirer liao! :D And for those who put such a negative comments on, I hope you are reading my blog right now (Got to make it bigggggg!)

You would have changed what you said only if I wrote this earlier. We are not professional dancers but a group of ordinary yet passionate people who enjoy doing things that we love. Well, not necessarily what we are good at, but we would have been better if we have more than 6 days to prepare! I say we are pretty genius to get the moves so fast and have the gut to perform it live. We know it's not perfect, but life is never about being perfect! Didn't you see that people are enjoying and taking out their phones recording  this?    Can't you see that we are having lots of fun dancing it out although we nearly wet our pants having panick attack? Didn't you see that we SHINE like stars despite some criticism like yours? Be nice would you? We don't live on your expectation. And if given another chance, we would have done it again! 

No matter what you think about our youtube video, we are happy with the mob. And I am honoured to say, it's proudly presented by LUF members, staff, instructors and friends of LUF! :)

p/s: Still want to read more? Here is Rose version! :)


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