The King of Fruit!

You know how much your dad loves you when he rang you up during working hours, just to tell you, he bought one of your favourite fruit: DURIAN! Hahahaha, my cute PaPa, I guess that is how Dads in his era express love to their kids huh? J  Once I set my feet at home, he eagerly holds my hands and pulls me to the kitchen. I find it funny looking at his grin as he hold the durian closely to my nose, trying to lure me to having a few seeds with him. LOL.

The problem is ……..I am heading to gym later leh. How to eat durian????  In the end, after his repeated invitation, I surrender myself to 2 small seeds of durian thinking that IT’S JUST 2 SMALL SEEDS!  Soonafter, I regretted.  Mints doesn’t withhold my secret after a single burp!OMG! Durian smell in the instructor room! LOL, I call this the 'gym incident' on Thursday.

The next day was Malaysia’s 55th Birthday (Happy Birthday Malaysia!)!  Kenny and I were supposed to have some ‘Us time’ after his dinner with a client. But after hours of waiting without a single sms,telling me what is going on, I decided to ……ahem, ‘reward’ this workaholic with my Durian breathe! HeHeHeHeHe, I am such a mischievious girlfriend. As soon as he hugged me, he could smell it! LOL! He asked me to angle my face to the side when talking to him. HAHAHAHA, my devilish trick works! 

 Long live the King of Fruit!


Net Weight: 100g of edible portion
Energy: 150 kcal (or 630kJ)
Protein: 1.5g
Fat: 5g   
Carbohydrate: 30g    
Fibre:  4g
Potassium: 440mg
Sources: USDA Nutrient database, Centre for Food Safety (Hong Kong)
Note: All values are rounded up.

Useful Conversion:
150 kcal consumed =  takes 1 hour of walking for a female my weight (48-50kg) to burn it OFF. (Refer Calorie Burning Calculator).
1.5g Protein = LOW
5g Fat = 1 tsp oil/butter
30g Carbohydrate = 2 slices of bread
4g fibre = 1 medium apple (182g)
440mg Potassium = 1 medium banana (118g)

A ENERGY dense fruit, low in Protein, relatively higher in Fat (compared to other fruits) and rich in Carbohydrate and Potassium. Enjoy in Moderation i.e. 2 seeds at a time (one fruit serving;15g Carbohydrate).

1)  Weight control: With its creamy mouthfeel and addictive taste. It’s very easy to overeat! So stay within the portion to avoid the guilt later!

2) Diabetic control: Durian contains Carbohydrates and overeating it can shoot your blood sugar level up! If you are diabetic, take only one fruit serving (15g Carbohydrate) at a time.

3) Kidney Health: People with Kidneys problems (especially dialysis patients) have trouble regulating the amount of Potassium in their blood. Hence, it’s best to avoid durian due to its rich potassium content. 

Hope you find this useful! :)


My little niece is a big fan of Durian too, but every time she eats durian, my other nieces boycott her. They say '你很臭啊~!' then pinch their nose and run away from her. LoL!

All thanks to the sulphur content in the durian.
 She now has the whole lot of Durian to enjoy over the days. Hahahaha :P


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