Last Chapter of Life (Part 3)

I am tired. Sitting in front of the laptop with my coffee next to me.... I need a dose of caffeine!! >.<

My grandma finally discharge after 5 days of  hospitalization. She is home since but pretty much bed ridden. She vomited just now, I was patting her back and I realized how much she has shrunk over the last week. Her health is deteriorating, she has no appetite, no energy. Her vertigo attack are getting more frequent causing her to vomit. I don't know how long can she last! :(

On the 4th night accompanying her in hospital, I wrote a LONG entry about her SHOW UP....... about PAIN and ANGER........... and my DILEMMAS......................and I decided to DELETE IT. LET THE PAST STAY IN THE PAST. That is the best decision I have ever made.

This song says it all: 原谅 (Forgiveness)

很抱歉现在才察觉                        原来爱并不代表了解
我对你的责备和埋怨                   都变成你心里的结

很高兴你肯帮我去发现              每颗心都是一个世界
于是我能更靠近一点                   看到你的另外一面

当我原谅你曾给我的伤       我的悲痛也得到释放
When I forgive you  my pain is relief
我想许多让人流泪的人啊         其实心里也很彷徨也很沮丧
 Even though you have hurt me, I believe you are upset deep in your heart too.
当我原谅你曾让我失望              我们脸上都有了阳光
我想许多冷漠倔强的人啊         其实是怕承认自己很需要爱吧
I believe a lot of cold hearted, stubborn people are just afraid to admit that they need love.
当我原谅你曾给我的伤              我们脸上都有了阳光

FORGIVENESS will be the lesson she teaches me in the last chapter of her life.


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