Last Chapter of Life (Part 2)

Moving my toes and fingers, slowly, I opened my eyes. It's time to wake up, Ming! 3 hours of sleep, a deep one, that should be able to keep my alertness up for Day 3 of camping in the ward.

I have heard stories about my previous workplace...stories like how the TV in the empty ward suddenly turned on....patient/family members committed suicide and jump off the floor o,O"...It's hospital! People either recover and go home or they 'expired' from earth and go to heaven. Till now, I find the term 'expire' sarcastic. See Choose to Live it fully entry.

It has been 2 restless nights, waking up every 1 -2 hours to comfort my old granny. She has been hallucinating a lot. Waking up and telling me there are lots of ants in the room and she wants to remove them. Then she tries to get off the bed! That happened during Day 1 when I was still settling into a new environment. Luckily she said 'ants' and not some scary 'thing' that might appeared from one of the stories I heard!! @.@"

That night, she was getting fidgety. Removing her patient tag, scratching all over her body (? hallucinating about the ants?), getting rid of her diaper, wanting to get up etc. As it gets closer to the morning, she wakes up again, saying that she is late for her morning walk (her usual routine). I calmed her down, asking her to stay in bed and rest. Since then, she kept her eyes wild open until sunlight warms up the room. Then, she behaved normal again.

Yesterday, I requested for sleeping pills to help her to sleep better. To my surprise, after 2 hours after taking it, she woke up. Hallucinating again! Her memories seem to stop somewhere during her lifetime, a festive time I guess. She wants to get up and prepare food for the guests and she wants to see my aunt and mom too! It's the middle of the night, where am I suppose to find them? I tried different ways to make her stay in bed, but she was getting repulsive, yelling and scolding me cause I stopped her from doing so. In the end I lied and said, 'you told them what to prepare already, when you see them later, it'll be done!' I thought white lie would have worked. but I was wrong! She knew she haven't done that and got MAD! =.="

I hit the call button asking for another sleeping pills but only to find out, she had the strongest dosage already. 'OMG!' I thought to myself 'Strongest dosage and yet she is wide awake right now?' The male nurse accompany us for a few minutes and she behaved normally again, going back to sleep.

I woke up another 4 times yesterday. She is asking illogical weird questions. It seems to me that the piece of information about admitting to hospital, seems to be deleted in her memories! and she is living in her old days......

Tonight, I will be sleeping on my folding chair again, with  my jacket, long pants, socks, scarf and 2 blankets on. and maybe more jackets. It's freezing COLD!!

But I am more curious about, what is her story tonight?

*to be continued* 


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandma.
    People say if a person is hallucinating has meanings. So have to spend more time with her.

  2. Thanks Sharon.
    She is getting weaker, feel bad watching her suffer liddat.
    But at the same time, I learn to cherish the people I love more!


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