Bali: Nusa Lembongan

hehe...trying to clear my debt here. Am having very short memory span as I aged, so better write it down before I forget. *Continuing from Bali: Jimbaran*

So right after we left Uluwatu, we headed to Jimbaran bay for fresh seafood dinner.Sorry~! I think we were too hungry, that explain why this is the only photo I have!

It's jagung!!! (= corn!!!!!)
but I am too full to have it! *burpppp~*

How can I left without marking 'MLK' right?
Can you guess what it means?



We started our day with NEARLY 'missing' our breakfast! Breakfast served till 10am but that is exactly the time we woke up =.="". HOLIDAY mah....+ MASSAGE course yesterday mah + TIRED mah....*finding all the excuses* ......:)...

I can't function without breakfast. We were so glad that Villla Balquisse being Villa Balquisse they are kind enough to make crepes for us. *Thank you :D*

I am saved!
It tastes as good as it looks, way better than the burnt crepes I made in Vietnam Sapa. HeheHe..

We headed to a nearby beach after that with 2 bicycles, one each! Now, that is when I had my first heart attack!!! I can only cycle straight! and what that means is I will lose my balance if I make any turns/ squashed an ant. I know, I know, that is very bad!

That is why I was so stressful the whole journey, I tell you ahh.....the cars kept honking at stress level was shotting to the roof  =.=""""""
 Seriously, I would carry a 'L plate' if I could find one.

 STEADY~....STEADY~...GO...*paddle paddle*...*stop*...*start over again*...
Kenny said I would reach there faster if I use my feet to paddle. HAR?? REALLYYY?? :(
I thought I would get there faster if you ride me there leh...*ngek ngek ngek ngek..~* Well, that was my evil thought. I am not that pampered lah. So I still take up my challenge, and ride to the beach STRESSFULLY *what a weird adjective to use here*

I was so RELIEF to see the beach = END of HEART ATTACK!

It's actually nice to just chill by the beach sipping juices and watch people enjoying themselves :)

Look what I found... ^^

Hi boys~!!
Too bad we couldn't stay longer!
It's day 2, we have more adventure waiting for us! ^^
BUT....have to cycle back first! =.=lll

This time round, I am a P plate!
 What does P stands for? NO! It's not PASS, it's PROBATION. I remembered it after I got embarrased by an Aussies years ago. *It's okay, I am good now :)*

We check out from Villa Balquisse,  took a boat ride to Nusa Lembongan = an island located off the  southeast coast of Bali.

That's us! :) :)

If I recall correctly, the ride took us about 45 minutes to an hour....not very sure since I was sleeping throughout the trip on my *K*ing *K*oil pillow! :)
 The staff from Cliff Lembongan picked us up. first time on motorbike seat belt how??
and I don't know if she has license or not....

Wahhh~!!! ......怕怕!!!!!

I was insecure riding on the motorbike! but it's all worth it!
Just look at this....

 so RELAXING right?


Yes! This is Cliff Lembongan!

 We rented a motorbike from the staff *how convenient? * and ready to explore.
This is us, being distanced by 5 inches after putting on the helmets and the worse part is I can't hear him clearly. So we ride....
and ride.....
*took of helmets and ride*...
*and smell seaweed*....
so we stop!

 I think it's their seaweed 'plantation' or something like that. Kenny said, seaweed are used in cosmestics/beauty industry.
Next to it, there is a bridge connecting both sides of the shore. Yap! We are going to ride across it!

 Cause its the only way to reach here!


As usual, when Kenny decided to do it with a snap of fingers! Ming still *snap snap snap* struggling between her angel and devil fight.

This is what I see when I look straight from the cliff.

The right side view...

and when I looked down...
WOOOWWW~!! Jumping off from here??!! *feet shaking* Kenny, you must be kidding!!

We were lucky that day cause there was a pair of young couple doing the jump! So we sorta get an idea bout what to expect and maybe a tip or two. 
Captured on my camera, this looks so romantic right? but I bet if I zoom closer and change that to a video mode, I can see them shake. Afterall, we are talking about jumping off a cliff!
WEEEEeeee~! and off that young man goes!

 The girl did it too!
So did Kenny!

Sorry Dear Dear, you jumped too quick, I only managed to capture this! One more jump??
That didn't happen.
The owner said the tide is rising so no one is allowed in.
Kenny 1: Ming 0
nevermind lah, maybe one day I will do it. hehehe

So we stayed and watch another round of sunset ^^

It's just amazing watching the sky changes its colour. The beauty of Nature! Love it! ^^ ^^
That is my dear dear and his baby *tada~ *. I am in my BIKINI!! LOL! It must be your lucky day HEHEHE *wink*
*to be continued*


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