Mr D and Mr F

Once upon a time....Mr D lived at a place called 'The United'...

For years now that Mr D lived there, he loved it with the only exception that every day, he had to climb over the mountain to get to the other towns.

So One day, he came out with one brilliant idea.

Mr D: aha!!...Grandpa told me about '愚公移山'...I can do the same thing!

(check this out if you don't know the story of 愚公移山:

So every morning, he would carry soil and try to move it down the slope.

*very tiring you know!!*

3 months had passed by, he was starting to enjoy it especially when he saw the promising results...

Mr D: no need to wait for my sons...or my grandsons..or my great grandsons...I can move this mountain THIS LIFE!

hehe...boy! doesn't he sound cocky?!

oh the very least he enjoyed it.

2 months later...

btw, Mr D was not getting shorter k! He was getting stronger than before!!

With such an achievement, of course he wanted to show off he invited his best friend Mr F to 'the United'

and this was the first conversation that they had:

see the differences??...muscular v.s. skinny!!

Mr D: my dear friend, had another good look at my's no more 'the United'...

Mr F: ah??...then what is it??

oh yes! He owns are in it too...

D for Discipline, F for Focus...exactly what I get this!!

woohoo!! It would be nice if it come with Bikini...haven't got one le!!


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