I, am SO PROUD of myself!

haha...MUST say that again!

I~ AM VERY~~ PRROUUD OF MYSELFFFF!!...now this baru ada UPHMM!! :)

3 months ago, a friend of mine by the name of Lucy challenged me to wear sports bra to workout in LUF end of NOV 2010! I nearly laugh my head off hearing this, but somehow, don't know why I said 'DEAL'...and I still wonder if I said that that day?! I am just not confident with my body!

I got the banana shape body! *sob..sob*

I had totally forgot about it and still munched on my cakes..*yum*.. and snacks...*ouuu*.. until last month, I suddenly RECALL..'the contract I signed with my mouth!'

Quickly, I weighed myself and took note of my fat and muscle percentage, prescribed myself with a diet and exercise plan:

1 pump (at least, but so far just once/week),

1 abs express (sorry no photo),

3 Jams (that is Me with Brian and Fofo)

and 1 Combat (Cool huh?)

I tried that for 1 month and the results were DISAPPOINTING!!

Most people would think it's good when the weight dropped right!! but...de!! I lost fat but even more muscle...and that make my metabolic rate slower!! $W%$@#$#$$#@#...!! WASN'T HAPPY AT ALL!!

How could this be...I thought my plan was brilliant, I have both the fat burning workout and muscle building workout! and diet somemore!

I was devastated...*for a while only..*.then decided to give it another go.

This time: I added on with my self designed protein drinks (2 tbsp soya milk powder + 2 tbsp LF milk powder)...*mind you it's not sports drink..just ordinary stuff..save $$ mah!*

I began on 1st of Sept and just rechecked :) :
I am 49.7kg now, which is 0.7kg heavier than 2 weeks ago. It's muscle gained. :)
My fat mass dropped from 14kg to 13.5kg to 12.9 kg. Net fat loss: 1.1 kg
Organ fat (Visceral fat) maintained from 3 to 3 then dropped to 2 after I changed my plan :)
and what I like most is: Muscle started with 34.2kg dropped to 33.6kg and in 2 weeks time I gained another 1.1kg net muscle gain: 0.5kg
Now this put my basal metabolic rate higher: burning 1116 kcal just with doing nothing i.e. purely resting.

:) *happy* *happy*
now I know it's on track, I still got heaps of work to do.
wa~ end of November coming soon le...hope by then I have this already

then I shall look something like this Jammer, love her body!!

then call me HOT BABE K?! ")


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