10 reasons to keep our baby's 1st Birthday SIMPLE!

First Birthday,  yes, it is an important one to document. Afterall, it is the day that the baby is no longer termed a 'baby' but a 'toddler'.

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My mommy friends and I had an interesting discussion on how we have celebrated our babies' first birthday. And I was surprised to hear two stories:
1) Mommies are willing to pay for over thousands of Ringgit to hire an event planner.
2) Mommies stressing up over DIY party.

I have no problem with the Idea of hiring professional help. But when I hear that the decoration alone cost quite a bit (in this case, over 1k), I was like 'What?!! Just decoration alone cost that much?!'.........
I can never understand why parents would do that (oh please tell me!)

And for those mommies who are stressing up over birthday party that only last less than 2 hours, please,  RELAX and STOP MAGNIFYING on it. That stress is unnecessary, it is not a wedding, birthday happens every year!

So I am gonna write this post, to share with you why I think we should keep our baby's First birthday as simple as possible!

Disclaimer: I have to make it clear that I am not saying that you ought to or that I am right! I am saying that you can consider this option! :)

Reason #1: Overspending! Our baby doesn't need us to splurge on their birthday
It is our baby's birthday and not the guests. So I think it makes sense to ask ourself if this is really what our baby needs? I think at this age, all they really need is Papa, Mama and the extended family. A cake, a wish and photos are great memories.

Reason #2: If we are not going to splurge on our baby's birthday when they turned 14, then keep it simple from the beginning.
One of the concerns I have is whelther they would get the wrong message that they are loved less, now that they are older because the attention and celebration they get is not the same anymore!

Reason #3: What to do with the decos after party?
If we have spent a lot on decorations, it is unlikely that we are going to throw that away. Guess what? It is most likely gonna end up in our store room. Speaking from experience here (from wedding preparation lol).

Reason #4: It could be overstimulating.
At one year of age, babies normally take 2 naps and sleep early at night. With so many things going on (new faces, music or noise etc), it might be overstimulating for a young toddler.

Reason #5: It is not a competition!
I feel like a lot of mothers feel pressured to do it because everyone else does it for their baby! Well, do remember that, it is NOT A COMPETITION! The size of the party or the amount of money spent doesn't equates to the love for our child. And our baby knows that!

Reason #6: Our baby doesn't know what is going on!
You might say, it's his first birthday, it is something worth documenting for memories. Yes, that is true. When our kids grow up, they would only looked at who is present (and maybe how he looks) at his first birthday and NOT how the deco looks or how extensive the party is. Right?

Reason #7: Teaching our baby the value of family and love as their first lesson. 
I celebrated my boy's first birthday with my family at home for a very simple reason. I want my boy to learn that on this special day of his, he would always has his family by his side to celebrate and be with  him. That is the message that I want my boy to know.

Reason #8: Keeping things simple doesn't mean we love our baby less.
Our baby knows we love them when we show affection in the way they understand. Things like spending time with them, reading a book, taking them out for a walk etc. It is the time we spend with them that becomes the language of love that they understand.

Reason #9: Celebrate a year of motherhood
Yes, it is our baby's birthday but let's not forget the woman who have been nourishing and growing this cute little one - that's us, Mommies! As Asian mothers, we have a lot to juggle every day, so why not give ourselve a little break and relaxed a little on our baby's first birthday as we celebrate a year of Motherhood? (Doesn't that sounds good! oh, and we can order our favourite cake flavour too! hahaha)

Reason #10: It stresses mommy up!
In asian culture, mommies have to decide all the nitty gritty of planning a party. From decos to cake flavours, to music, to menu selections, to our baby's outfit etc. ON TOP of our normal role as a mother. And on the day itself, the stress of making things work the way we wanted, getting our baby ready (and also praying that he is well behaved! ha-ha) All of these are ~ stressful!

So I really think, we should keep our baby's First birthday as simple as possible!

What do you think?
I would really love to hear your thoughts.

Side Note:
Here is some tips for you when planning a birthday party.
1) Plan the party in the afternoon because sleep pressure is lesser.
2) Time appropriately. Avoiding nap times.
3) Keep the party short (nothing more than 1.5 hours).
4) Set your budget. Rm xx per person X number of guests. Then allocate accordingly.



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