Joke of the Day #37: Naming #PoppyseedSia! :)

Pretty soon, we'll know Poppy Seed's gender, and the search for a name will soon begins. I thought only Kenny and I would be excited, but these two girls, Keira (9 y.o) and Celeste (7 y.o) were even more excited!!

Keira: Xiao GuGu (Aunty), have you got a name for Poppy Seed yet?

Me: Not yet, we don't know baby's gender.

Keira: Oh. I am thinking, if it's baby girl, let's call her 'Poppy'! *excited*

Celeste: *puts hand up* I know I know~~ !! I have a good name for her ~~~!! We can name her 'Pelican'! *excited*

Me: HAR?!!! *face becomes distorted instantly* Oh Leste! You know what is Pelican or not?

Celeste: ummm....I forgot! But I heard of it somewhere. It sounds so~~~ nice! *naively*

*alamak 梦梦就是梦梦,做梦第一名*

Me: Pelican is a kind of bird lah~~~! I don't want to name Poppy Seed that~ ~ !  We are thinking something starting with 'K'!

Keira: Har?!! Pls don't name her 'Keira'! I'll be very confused!

*hahahahaha silly Keira! *

Celeste: Hmmm...let me think......I'll think of a good name!.....hmmm.....Oh!!!  know I know!!! We can call her 'King Kong'!! *proud looking face*

Me: Aiyo~~~ Celeste!!!! *face palm!*

>___<" think she had too much National Geographic lately. Oh Poopy seed! Don't worry, we'll name you good! Daddy and mommy are so excited to see you in your next scan! We love you! Muah!

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