Hello #PoppyseedSia!

I know it has been a while, but I have to keep the secret ‘a SECRET’ until the time is right. There is nothing else I want to document apart from this exciting new chapter of mine and every time I log onto my little space, I just feel like sharing my joy with you all. And here is the news: Kenny-and-I-are-EXPECTING! *tonnes of yays* (I cry breaking this news, so excited!)

I didn't expect a pregnancy initially. Cos every time I think of pregnancy, I have this story my biology teacher told me, playing over and over again in my head. She said: For a sperm to fertilize an egg, it’s a long and rough journey, and most of them didn’t make it through. And for those that did, if they make a wrong turn, then BAD LUCK! The Egg can only live for one day and is waiting at the other side! (See! We'll need a lot of luck to get pregnant!!!)

So, when my period didn’t report on the day it should, I just thought it was late. (and partly also because I don’t want my baby to be born in January or February, like me, for a very silly reason: No one would remember his or her birthday because it’s still school holiday.) But still, I went and bought pregnancy test kits just so I can pee on one bahahahhaha

May 2015: this is the first time I peed on a test kit! *milestone*.  It was a very long 5-min wait in my bathroom….. I came down and Kenny asked how many lines I got: I said none! It was a messy test (you don’t want to know the details) and I got an INVALID result. *husband laughed hysterically at me* I quickly forced my bladder full and tried again. This time (using a different method), I got one line!

Okay, I’m not pregnant.

Somehow, I was a bit disappointed and I was rather confused. ‘It just doesn’t explained why my period is late if I am not pregnant!’ And it’s funny how, I got addicted to peeing on test strips for the next two days and got disappointed again and again, until one of the kit actually showed 2 lines, one FAT and one very very slim line!

My heart raced a little and I went to look for Kenny in his cave to check if he too, saw that almost imaginary line that I saw! It was the longest stares on a piece of tool coated with my pee and with a very uncertain tone, he said, ‘…ya…I think there’re two lines!’. Next thing we did, we dug out all the kits in the bins and they all read one FAT and one faint line.  *happy tears*

We rushed to a clinic just to confirm my pregnancy but the Doc couldn’t see anything on the ultrasound and the pregnancy test cassette (supposingly the most accurate) gave me that imaginary line again! My doc concluded that, either I wasn’t pregnant *very very disappointed T______________T*……or that it’s too early to pick up.  I have to return in a week’s time to confirm.

The wait was killing me. ‘Am I pregnant or am I not?!’ I just need an answer! I peed on the kits again and broke down seeing the imaginary line was almost gone!

*Fast forward to one week later* I was so nervous when I went into Doc’s consultation room. I was so afraid that I’d be disappointed again. ‘Please don’t play with my heart’ I prayed.  When a sac showed up on that black and white screen, my doc said ‘Yap, you’re pregnant and that is your baby!’. I was so happy~~~~ so relief ~~~~ to learn about the news! Just overjoyed! *happy tears*

I was only a little over 4 weeks pregnant! And our baby is merely the size of a Poppy Seed! #PoppyseedSia. Oh, my baby! I’ll do anything to protect you! *in tears*. I got really protective since then.

Example 1:
I let my dog out for a run and he almost made me trip. *ROARRRRR~~* He got scolded after that!


Example 2:
Me: Say hi to baby!

Niece: *looking at my tummy* Hello?! AnyBoDY home?


I can’t help it! My maternal instinct to protect PoppySeed is so strong!

*Fast Forward* Poppy seed is coming to 15 weeks old! I am pretty grateful that Poppyseed has been treating me quite well. I am so called the LUCKY ones! I went through my first trimester with no morning sickness, no headaches etc. The only symptoms I have were constant hunger and what Kenny described as ‘Silent but deadly’ gases! Hahahahahah!

I am now in my second trimester, and my belly is starting to show.

To my baby,

Please grow well inside mommy’s belly k? We just want you to grow strong and healthy! We love you, our little bundle of joy! See you in the next scan! Be good!

Muah! Mommy loves you! 


  1. Congrats! Ming, happy for you. :D

  2. Awww. Reminds me of my poppy seed back in Apr14 too. I got all double lines frm 3 tests. Only shown 3 days late periods onwards. Dat is the best moment of our married life. Come to think of it, we were indeed lucky for this humble gift, indeed a good boy of us.
    Jiayu ming and kenny. Eat all u craving 4, there is no guilt while preggie and most important, u have all the privilege and special treatment ard u!! U r the queen now

    1. Hahahah I like the last part. I am the queen! Lol. Yes, I agree. babies are really gifts from the universe. My baby is so small yet I am falling in love with him/her du! :)

  3. So happy for u!! Congrats mama n papa!!

    1. Thank you YienYien! :) can't wait for my belly to grow bigger!!

  4. hehehehe... congratulations #kennyandming <3 and hello #poppyseedsia !!!

    so no more teaching classes for you lor? >.<

    1. Yeah, not teaching cos I think they won't sweat as much! Lol. But I started to head back to gym two weeks ago. Hehe doing lots of #options!


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