Mad at the birthday boy!!!

I am hungry and I have all the reasons to be mad. Remember? Hell hath no fury like a hungry wife? I just can’t control my temper when I’m not being fed! (Okay, I sound like a baby now.)

Today is Kenny’s birthday, the first birthday celebration for us as Husband and Wife. We said to meet at home at 7pm. But as I wrote this, it’s 8.13pm already. I am Hungry!!! I want food!!!!! *ROARRRR* (okay, now I am a lion).

*Waiting at home and tapping my fingers*

They say ‘When you have nothing to do, find something to do!’. Okay loh, I read reviews on restaurants, and the food pics they posted just made my tummy growled LOUDER!

EAT or NOT TO EAT that is the question.

JUST EAT LAHHH~~!! I went to our pantry, took out some biscuits and topped it with my favourite cheese (yes, I’m a rat), munch them all in (like I don’t gain weight liddat), and hope they kill my hunger.

NOPE, it didn’t work. T_________T

The food did went down……..

But it was too little that not even my stomach receptors can detect it. 

Damn, did I just ate air? Where did the cheese go?! I AM STILL HUNGRY!!!

I hurriedly, went to the fridge to find some comfort and I found *drum pls* ……….YOGHURT!!!!

This brand ‘Mundella’ damn expensive but damn good! Soooo Creamy! I took 2 spoonful. And then, suddenly, I feel so Kelian.  

*Spotlight* It’s the husband’s birthday, and the wife have to wait an hour with a growling tummy!

I got upset and turned into a momok for few moments (momok = MONSTER).

I was mad at him for being late.

I was mad at him for saying he’ll be home in 10 mins but ate his words.

I was mad at him for starving me (sorta lol).

I was mad at him for putting me into the situation of ‘Hungry but can only eat a little,’ and then my tummy growls again 10 minutes later!


TWO things you need to know about me:
One, I can’t bear with HUNGER! (It runs in the family you see…..)
Two, I throw tantrum when that happens.

I was wallowing in anger, and that emotions grew deeper and deeper....and then suddenly, i had this tiny voice in my head...

‘Erm, Mrs Sia, if you are hungry, Mr Sia would be the same too!’

‘You see, you have the fridge, he has his car; you got the food but he doesn’t.

‘Oh Yahor!’ I thought to myself.

And all of the sudden, he is forgiven!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha

My forgiveness threshold is very low! LOL


p/s: Birthday boy returned home after that and apologized for the delay cos his team too gave him a birthday surprise!

Next time, tell me earlier mah, at least I can eat instant noodles first! LOL


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