Wedding 101: How to pack your 'Kapit' (Bridal Luggage)?

*resuming from Wedding 101: Don't know what to prep for Chinese Custom Wedding? Read This! ^^*


I'm resuming my Wedding 101 post! Cos I have goyang my kaki for 5 weeks liao, it's time to get back to Wedding posts!

I was browsing through my wedding photos on my phone and I saw my 'Kapit' and i thought, okay, I'm gonna do this first before the older posts. Cool with that? 

So, apparently, the word 'Kapit' is only native to Kuchingites, it means - 'Bridal luggage'! And before this, I didn't even know there are tips and traditions to follow! And I was feeling a bit stress cos I didn't set aside some budget to prepare my 'Kapit'. I remember telling myself, I must Blog about this!! 

You're welcome! hehe =)

When Mom brought me shopping, I thought I can get any luggage I want as long it's red in colour! Yap, I got it partially right! Tip #1: Buy a RED luggage (or at least pinkish) and the other part that was missing is, it must be able to flip open (so you can display your dowry).

I got mine at the Luggage section at Parkson, Plaza Merdeka; it's Pink (PASS!) and it comes in 3 sizes - the Cabin, LARGE and SUPER LARGE. I took the LARGE one, since I already got a cabin size luggage. Luckily I did, cos only then I knew, I have to fill my 'Kapit' fully!! 

(Phew!! Imagine if I got myself the SUPER LARGE luggage......! I'll need an elephant to fill the space!)

Tip #2: Get the Medium/LARGE size luggage (never the cabin, simply because it'll make the bride side looks bad)

Tip #3: Set aside some budget for new clothes (yes including bras,undies)
And if you don't have much budget (like me), another good way is to fill it up with thick, fluffy towels and lots of fabrics (i didn't set aside some money for this so I borrowed some fabrics from my mom hahahaha I am so smart lah~~ LOL!)

Tip #4: I've come up with a diagram showing you how to pack your Bridal luggage. 

Pretty much self-explanatory! And some useful tips below!

Tip #5:  Fold and sew your fabric slightly.
So regardless of how you pack and unpack your stuff in the luggage, they'll remain tidy. Here is a pic. 

Now here comes the traditions. Before you fill your luggage, Tip #5: You'll need to put 4 bags of Longan and Date mix at the four corners of your 'Kapit'. Why? cos Longans in Chinese is 肉桂 and Dates is 红枣 which means 早生贵子. For your reference, my mom packed 2 Longans and 2 Dates in an Organza bag.

After you've filled your luggage like what I've shown you above, Tip #6: You'll need to place 4 big juicy oranges with double happiness stickers (囍) at the 4 corners. 

Next, Tip #7: you put the clothes you want to wear for 回娘家 before you display your jewelries.

Tip #8: For safety reason, you better sew the jewelries on display.

I'm lucky to have my 2 sis to sew it for me although the shape is funny, wait, let me laugh at it first, hahahah so square! lol I have to thank her for helping out with my wedding prep stuff. Thank you sis!

My jewelries remain neat and tidy when the Heng Dai deliver my 'Kapit' to my Matrimonial Bedroom, with that, you don't have to worry about if your jewelry dropped somewhere of someone took it and never return (Oops). 

Tip #9: On a red piece of cloth, secure your dowry with lots of tape!
Cos it's easy for you to transfer them to somewhere safer. Never leave your valuables in your house on your wedding day. Wedding celebrations make us a easy target for thieves. So keep them safe!

Tip #10: The second last tip! On the outside of your 'Kapit' put a big double happiness sticker and lock your 'Kapit' and you're done! 

As part of the tradition, Tip #11: on your wedding day, the groom will give you an Ang Pow and in return, you'll give him the key to unlock your Kapit!

And tada~~!!!

I am rich~~~!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Just joking lah!

BTW, what else do you want to know, let me know, I'll make that my next Wedding 101 post! (less headache thinking for post also) #winwin #lol


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