First month of Marriage...

I used to live with my parents, 3 kids, 2 adults, 2 maids, 2 hamsters, 2 dogs,  and 8 fish (now probably left 6?). Now it's just me and hubby - no maid, no kids (yet), no pet!

YES!!! We are MARRIED!!! And Hello to FREEDOM again!!! I am just overjoyed that things are back to normal after we're married. It's like the spell of those stressful days and sleepless nights was broken on our wedding day!! =) =) So happy lah! I can't help but to return to our hotel room that night and do chest circles! hahahaha Oh, and girls, if you want to ask for favours, now is the time! LOL!!

On our first month of marriage, I feel......

So relief! That's exactly how we felt! Putting an end to one whole year of wedding preparation is putting all the stress, all the nagging, all the extra opinions to an end (very honest hor?)! And, and, and finally ~ ~ ~ my piggy bank can recover T______T #chineseweddingissoexpensive.

So loved! We feel so loved receiving lots of personal messages via text and social platforms, wishing us a blessed marriage!

I wasn't expecting that at all cos wedding prep has drained so much energy out of me and I just want to get it done and over! I know I should be enjoying the wedding planning process, but when I have a ROM and 2 wedding receptions and 2 families's expectations to meet! WtF! I just want to get over it! I was so numb by the stress! So when it's finally the day, I can feel again, and our hearts are fully filled by LOVE! Thank you guys! You made us so happy! =) =)

So tired lah! Yeah, I miss my maids, and I really appreciate them for doing all the housework for us. Now that it's just Kenny and Me, it's no surprise that I have to do 90% of the work and locate 10% for Kenny. (Babs, if you are reading this, I took your advice on board: Share everything, including housework! LOL!! Best advice ever!) I'm slowly picking up the chores and figuring out what works best with our schedule. I think in another 2 months, I'll be alright!

So useful! Not that I am a piece of crap, but I think I've been relying on my family (and maids) too much. Before this, I don't have to cook or wash dishes or clean the floor or wash my clothes. I only get to do that when I was away from my family, studying abroad! I know, I am suffering from youngest daughter syndrome (spoilt)! Now that I'm picking all those skills back, I feel so useful! And I am much more independent! #milestone

So content! One of the best thing about marriage is I get to share the same bed (and bigger too)  with the man I love. Then waking up the next day, feeling content watching him sleeping like a baby (but sometime he snores, that's when I laugh at him hahahahaha). And I'd get up and prepare breakfast for him, fulfilling my first vow to him: to make him Kopi O kosong everyday! You know, when you love someone so deeply, you'll just do things unconditionally to make him happy. And I feel happy fulfilling the duty of a wife! And I'll speak to myself and say 'my dear dear is so lucky' hehehehe. #thickskin #truestory.

Just yesterday, Kenny took time off from work and we celebrated our One Month Anniversary! =) =) I feel so loved cos the workaholic is spending time with me (willingly okay) at his normal working hours! Just for me! 

Awwwww~ ~ my dear dear! 

I love you! 

May we grow and mature together!


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