Joke of the Day #26: Ming v.s Oh-Oh King

*Rushing out for lunch*

Me: Aiyo, dear! When we come back we have to help mom with the dishes! Didn’t manage to wash it just now!

Kenny: Oh!

Me: Dear Dear ahh, would you help me with the dishes when we move into our nest?

Kenny:  No!

Me: HARRRR???!!!

Kenny: *proud* Got dishwasher liao mah!

Me: Cheh~~ we still have to rinse the plate clean before putting it in leh!

Kenny:  Oh!

Me:And after each wash we have to clean the filter boh!

Kenny:  Oh!

Me:  If not ah, it’ll get block!

Kenny: Oh!

Me: Are you listening?

Kenny:  Oh!

*And he continues ‘oh-ing’ every 3 seconds! Tsk tsk Tsk!!! This dear dear ahh!! -_____-lll* 

Me: *王牌*…..Dear dear don’t love me anymore is it? *p/s: must pair this with a Max Duck Pout! hehehe*

Kenny:  Awwwww~ ~ of course not! Sayang~~~ Sayang~~~

Me: 要流眼泪liao!

Kenny:  HAHAHAHAHA!!!! 跟你玩嘛! Awww~~~ my baby! *ruffles hair*

Hehehe Ming 1: Oh-Oh King 0

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