Wedding 101: Pre-Wedding Packages - What to take note?

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Hi, Happy New Year!!!  

Stepping into 2014 means I am getting married in less than 3 months! WUuHuuu!! *chest circles* I am so excited!!! 


TIP #1: In my previous post, I have compiled a list of Bridal Studios in Kuching (click here), before you visit any Bridal Studios, you should do a bit of homework:


1) Read Forums for review!
2) Ask for recommendations from people you know (e.g. post on FB/ recently married friends etc)
3) And of course, read my Wedding 101 posts!! LOL

From there, you'll narrow down the number of Bridal studios to hunt and in this post, I am gonna give you a taste of how the actual visit is like.

Dear Bride-to-be, 

It is okay (and very normal) to feel CLUELESS on your first few visits. Well, at least that is how I feel lah, I didn't know what to look for and what is reasonable! 

Don't worry,  we've all been through it!

Hopefully, this post will enlighten you a bit!

Happy hunting! :D


So, the first thing they'd show you are the Wedding albums! 

TIP #2: A typical Wedding Package looks something like this: 

xx pieces of Wedding Gown (WG)
xx pieces of Evening Gown (EG)
1 piece of Traditional custom
xx pieces of Coat (for groom)
xx sets of Accessories
xx times of Make up & Hair do 

1 big album (xx poses)
1 small album (xx poses)
1 bedroom Wedding frame photo
1 small wedding frame photo
xx pieces of 4R photos
+/- soft copies

C) ACTUAL DAY (excluding photography!)
xx pieces of WG
xx pieces of EG
xx sets of Accessories
xx pieces of Coat (for groom)
2 x Make up (a.m. & p.m)
Car Deco +/- Following car
+/- Cossage
+/- DVD slideshow


TIP #3: Things to take note on the Pre-wedding packages. 

1) Photographer

Check their style. If you like their photography, do ask for the name of the photographer, cause don't forget, bigger studios have multiple photographers and of course, if you don't like it, you can out that Studio dy.

2) Poses
Check how many poses are included - ask bout charges for extra poses (just in case you need more poses to complete your album.

3) Soft Copies
Check if you can get the soft copies back (all or some) - at what resolution? Beware: Some Studios charge for soft copies.

4) Make up
Look at wedding albums to see if you like the make up. If you like light, natural make up, M-Style (Michelle), Pearl (Mei Ling - also freelance), and My Studio do quite a decent job. 

Note also, usually, fake lashes and ampule are not included - Ask how much!

5) Wedding Gowns.
Check the grade of gowns you get from the package you choose - new or gowns outside of the package might incur additional charges of Min. Rm 400.

Don't leave without checking out the gowns! See if you like the style and quality of the gowns.

6) Your shoot
How many studio and outside studio shoot? What are/ are not included in out studio shoot? e.g. transport, lunch, overtime?

7) Quality of the Photo Album.
You'll have to ask them to explain on the quality of the Photo Album, e.g. are they water resistant, fade resistant etc? 

(See~~, never knew getting married also need to do homework right? lolol!!!)

Tip #4: Super important!!! ----> ASK WHAT ARE AND WHAT ARE NOT INCLUDED!

Bridal Studios usually tell you one side of the story. Yes, they tell you what are included. But most of the time, they won't tell you what are NOT included (but involves charges) in the package until you ASK! 

I have heard a lot of scams on how couples signed up for a package and ended up paying more! Even my best friend who signed up on a basic package ended up paying double the price!

That is why the more I survey the more convinced I am, not to take up Pre-wedding packages, but then again that is me lah! (must state last bit, nanti kena attack pula! hehe) 

So all Bride-to-be, don't be afraid to ASK, ASK, ASK!!! 

Tip #5: Personal opinion only ahh - Anything more than RM 3,000 - forget it!

Cause really, Pre-wedding packages are pretty standard, and based on my survey, they ranges from RM 2000 - RM 6000. (Advice: Do keep an eye on budget!)

Why spend so much on pre-wedding leh (seriously, I don't get it) cause after all, it's just a 'Pre'-wedding! I am pretty sure you have sweet couple photos ehh!

TIP #6: The TOP 5 Bridal Studios I think it's worth to have a look  at are  (click here for fb link and address):

1) Hollywood: Good photography skills, Package: Rm 2000-4000

2) LB photography: Good photography skills, Packages: RM 1500 - Rm 2600

3) M-style: New gowns, good make up, Package: Rm 2000

4) Pearl Bridal Studio: Good photography skills, Good make up, Package: ~ Rm 2900

5) The studio: Good photography skills, good make up, Package: < RM 2000 (on Prewedding only - not inclusive of actual day)

Alright! That's more than enough! 

Be good, stay pretty! 

See ya next post!

Next: Why Kenny & I decided not to engage any Bridal Studios - how are we gonna do it? Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~


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