Taiwan: Penghu Islands (澎湖岛)

(Sorry, after weeks of delay, this post is finally hatched. LOL!)

*continuing from Taiwan: Ruili (瑞里)*

*yawn* Good morning ~ ~!! ^^ ^^ 
It's day 5 of our Taiwan trip and we are off to Penghu Islands!

Tip #1: How to get to Penghu Islands: 

a) Plane (from Taipei, Taichung, Jiayi, Tainan or Kaohsiung)
(Tip #2: Click here for Flight Providers)    OR
b) Ferry......KIDDING!! LOL!! Speedboat (from Jiayi, Kaohsiung)

Well, since our trip was planned last min, we didn't manage to FLY there, which means, I will have to conquer one of my BIGGESTTT FEAR - BOAT RIDES!! 

Onion Head SmileyOnion Head Smiley Onion Head Smiley

But before that, we have to take a bus (Tip # 3: Bus fare and schedule here)  from Jiayi (嘉义) to BuDai (布袋港). There wasn't any 7-11 near Budai (布袋港) but luckily we brought our emergency food supply along, nothing fancy, just instant cup noodles! Better than nothing lah. Damn hungry leh~!

Here is my advice for you Tip #  4: Eat at least an hour earlier if you are taking a boat ride! and I'll tell you why really soon.


Well, this is me and Kenny taking photo inside the Speadboat operated by 满天星 (Tip # 5: Speadboat providers and schedules here). Hahahahaha I looked so stress here. LOL!! But actually, I am damn scared leh, we haven't leave the jetty yet and I could feel the boat swinging already. T_________T Why my balancing so good wan?

Anyway, I was seated next to a young, modern, ELEGANT (must highlight and bold) Taiwanese girl cause during the next 80 mins, the ride was so rough that we both vomited (yay, she vomited first!) but we were such a contrast!

At first, I wanted to take out my Minyak Kapak to help her. But when I saw her vomit, I vomited too! I don't know how could she vomit so elegantly, like baby having regurgitation liddat wtf! And I am like tiger coughing up hairballs, vomiting non-stop!!

Onion Head SmileyOnion Head Smiley Onion Head SmileyOnion Head Smiley How does she do that?? 

But seriously, the sea was so rough that day, I felt like I was thrown from level two to level one over and over again and occasionally, swinging sideways. I was having cold sweat, everything was spinning, I thought I am gonna die! 

T_____________T  I want my Mama!! 

My body went cuckoo and I had 4 bags of 'produce' (if you know what I mean lol). 

Funny thing was, when we arrive at the Jetty, her friends seated in front IMMEDIATELY turned to her and asked, are you alright? I keep hearing vomiting sounds, it was so bad, awwww you poor thing! 

I was so week to tell them 'It's me actually!

Sorry fellow Malaysian girls, 我丢尽了马来西亚女生的脸! T____________T

I told Kenny, now I know why they call it '满天星'.

Cause it really gave me ’满天星’. LOL!!!

We were picked up by our host and coincidentally he also operates bike rental. So first stop: Bike rental. (Tip # 6: His bike rental is located opposite the only McD in Penghu Islands)

 Their security dog! *love love love*

The staff introduce us to this place just behind the rental shop, she said it's famous here. So we gave it a go too. Tip #7: It's call '马路益' (a temple is just in front of it! How weird)

The good food!

Side dish: Drumstick!

Side dish: 蛋饼

Okay, we're fueled. Let's get organize shall we? Plans for tomorrow: To Cimei (七美).

We went to 南海游客中心 to buy our tix. (Tip # 8: Click for location and operating hours of service center)

As mentioned there are a few Speedboat Companies and this is the fare (TWD) you'll be looking at to travel to CiMei (七美) or Tip # 9: if you prefer to take a flight there, Daily Air (德安航空) is what you are looking for.

Due to the time constrain, we've decided to travel to Cimei via boat and back via plane. Hoho boat ride again!!  =________= How many bags this time?

Anyway, I'll start worrying tomorrow!

Next up: Check in!

This is where we will be sleeping for the next two days (address on the image) Tip # 10: if you happens to stay there, you have to buy 黑糖糕 (Steam brown sugar cake) from them. It taste so good!! Sweet but not overly sweet, and the sesame seeds are plentiful on top! the best part is after you swallow, the taste of the brown sugar lingers!!)

Dropped our luggage. Sun protection on. We are ready to go! 

Seriously, I like bike rides much much more than boat rides! LOL!!
.......Doesn't this look Romantic? :) :)......

.....Even though we get lost sometimes.....

We are looking for the Whale cave!
 No, not this one!

Not this one also!

Yay! Found it!
 Hahaha epic fail of me pretending to be whale. LOL.

So tada!! Here it is! Like whale or not?

Don't tell me it look like coffee table ahh *knock your head*. 

Me and my love.

While we walked back to get our bike, we notice that the locals here build their walls using the dead corals. How interesting. 

Then we detour to this place here (通樑古榕) to see Banyan trees over a hundred years old.

This place is sacred. 

And all the trees you see here are growing from this main trunk.

Photo of us

And finally, the moment we have been waiting for!! Tip # 11: 2013 PengHu Fireworks Festival (澎湖海上花火节) 

It's held annually since 2003 summer. Tip # 12: So if you were planning to join the Festival, you have to booked in advance for accommodations and transport.

It's beautiful!

And it'll only be more meaningful if you watched it with the one you love! =) =) I am lucky cause he's just next to me! 

So that was what happened on 3rd of June 2013 :) :)

Next up!

 Ci Mei!! 

*to be continued ^^ ^^*


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