He says, She says: How long will the feeling of 'in love' last?

*Project He says, She says started from Rose, Sin and chipped in by Yien and now me (self invitation LOL!! I am very thicked-skin wan)! I missed out on the first 2 dy, but still in time for the 3rd topic of He says, She says: How long will the feeling of 'in love' last?*

Darn Good question! I bet most people never think about that!

And when I saw the post on Rosie's blog, as a bride-to-be, it really makes me think......

It's commonly said that '婚姻是爱情的坟墓' (Marriage is the end of Romance). 

 I was like har?? Then every wedding anniversary mah become 扫墓 ki?

But......Really, I am confused!

If love dies after marriage, why would you jump into it at the first place? 

Love is one big word! And how long does it last?

My Answer: Depends on these:
a) What Love is build on!
b) How you maintain it!
c) How you show affection!


The Foundation - What love is build on!

Have you ever wonder why that FB friend of yours keep changing their fb relationship status, almost as frequent as Taylor Swift? And till one point, you just didn't bother to 'like' the status anymore, cause you know it won't last long.

I don't mean to be mean. 

But some people really don't know what they want in a partner. They think good looking, macho/skinny, wealthy men/pretty girls are perfect candidates for them! (by that I mean, looks etc are bonuses, it's not your ultimate 'big tick' as your special someone!)

In reality, when you build love on superficial stuff, the relationship is as fragile as a sandcastle!


Guy A attracted to Girl B. Why?
Years down the road, Guy A dumb Girl B. Why?
She aged and he finds her not attractive anymore (dumb excuse!!!)
Guy A get Girl C.
Pretty yet much younger (ahemmm...older guys' dream...)
Guy A happy, Girl B sad, Girl C happy until she get dumped and the vicious cycles repeat.

Image from monsterbake.wordpress.com
But if you build love on a firm platform, you’ll have a better chance of making it last... 

You gotta look deeper, what is it that this guy/girl has that attracted you to him/her? What makes him/her so unique?

The moment you are clear about that it sets him/her apart from the rest of the people. 

That attraction, ladies and gentlemen, makes your love last LONGER……


Love is two-way traffic - How you maintain it!

Of course, knowing what you are attracted to do not guarantee a long lasting relationship. 

Cause after all, Love is two-way traffic! It’s about how both of you compromise, communicate, care and learn about each other!

I believe every single couple have their own unique way of keeping their relationship ALIVE!

For Kenny and Me, we practice L-A-S-T!

Listen: Listen to each other, that's how you connect and get to know him/her deeper.

Appreciation: Remember to say thank you to your loved one cause too many time we take our partner for granted!

                                        Support: Be his/her rock!

Image from picpulp.com
TRUST: It's the glue that strengthen the love bonds!


Those little little things in life – how you show affection!

Know what I mean??!

You need to constantly tell him/her that you love him/her (yes, apply to both gender!)

And of course, I don’t mean like sending her roses everyday, buying her chocolate every week and a new bear every month! 

But little little things like…

A message saying you miss her...

A kiss on the forehead...

A gift saying it reminds you of her...

A 10-sec hug before you head back to work again...

These show your affections! And it's important to have these moments in a relationship!

Don't you think so?

And with the 3 spells put together......
Image from keturahweathers.theworldrace.org
 ......a love potion that shall make your love last!


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