Sorry but I was Overwhelmed......

I wrote a longgggg post yesterday just to blah it out and I find myself wallowing in negative emotions.

*delete post*

That’s it! Good girl! Why zoom into negativity?! I should be enjoying all these moments cause it’s a wedding for me and the man I love!

Ever since Kenny proposed to me, my life has changed.  Transitioning from Miss to Mrs is another stage of life that requires the bride to grow and adapt fast!

To be honest, I wasn’t coping well over the past 3 weeks. Really overwhelmed by the amount of things to do/liaise and I find myself sandwiched between our parents’ expectations!

What they want isn’t what we want! So where is the balance point?!

I am still figuring it out!

I mingled with Sarah yesterday just before GRIT and she mentioned how weddings here are so different from Aus. Then,  she shared how her little sister recently had a beautiful wedding in Aus with her close friends and relatives by the beach.

Ahh~ that is the sort of wedding I want! Just close friends and relative to witness Kenny and me exchanging our vows, our kiss and wedding band. I believe Kenny  loves that too!

Then she said I don’t think a simple wedding is possible here hey? The culture is different!

Ha-Ha! So true! 

Now I know why I am feeling stressed! The culprit -----> Culture!

I am sorry papa!

Over the past few weeks I was really frustrated with the things you’ve requested on our wedding. And I was really mad at you…… for making it so hard on us…….

It took me 3 weeks to take a big step back and look at the whole picture…..

And I found the missing piece that I didn’t realise before.

It wasn’t you!

It was the way you were brought up. How you were taught in this traditional family of ours that these cultures are our root and they meant a lot to you!

As a protective and conservative father, the things you have asked for are coming from your best knowledge of love.

When I look deeper, I begin to understand your behaviours and my frustrations subside.

I know you love me……never doubt that….it’s just the way you express your love is not understood by my generation any more. You call it love…we translate it as controlling….

Now that I understand your language, things should be better from here. (I hope *fingers crossed*)

As my frustration dwindle away,  I feel the support and joy from the people around us. 

Sorry guys, I was blinded but I can see now! LOL!

......Kenny and I are truly blessed! 


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