ME- joining Kate Make up Party!!!

I am writing not as a Beauty Blogger but as a girl who wants to join the fun of a make up party. Warning: super-long post ahead with LOTS of PHOTOS!

"Kate make-up event? "

"At Magenta Restaurant?"

"Free admission and Free food?"

OKAY!! I AM IN!!! 

It is very rare of me to make decision that~ fast! But when BF told me, Everrise is organizing a make-up event with Kate and a Japanese Make-up artist is in the house to perform his magic and share beauty tips, I almost said 'Yes' for a 100 times!  

To be honest, I have very little knowledge about Kate. 

I know it's from Japan - a sister brand of Kanebo. And I know that their Gel Eye Liner is very lasting. *The end* 

Remember this from my previous post?

My self-drawn tattoo during our Body Jam Tribal Theme, using Kate's Gel Eye Liner!

It's Smudge Free and Sweat Proof making it perfect for every Body Jam relaunch!

So when I was on my way to Magenta, I was wondering what do they have to offer this time and...hehe...what's on the table *drools*?

After I was seated, someone tapped my shoulder. 
It's Rose! Ehhhhh? Jacqueline is here! EHHHHH?? SIN is here too? and BF, Didi and FoFo are there too. That is like half the LUF people here. LOL. 


FIRST UP: Speech from Mr Jeffrey Sia (Everrise Group Executive Director).

FOLLOW BY: Magenta's salad to start the night.

THEN: we have Mr Mikiya Hirai, the Japanese Make up Artist from Kate International to showcase the lastest Spring/Summer collection 'GOLDISH EYES'

(Bf said must read that carefully, it's GOLD-ISH not GOLD-FISH ahh! hahahaha yalor, later it become Cat and the Goldfish ki! LOL.)

Photo from internet
I told bf that I would raise my hands (and feet) if they needed a volunteer for their demo hehehehe. 

But that didn't happen *emo*. 
 Mr Mikiya Hirai already has a super hot model to demonstate the latest trend of "GOLD-ISH EYES" 

He mentioned a few Kate products in styling her look. But soli lah, I got hungry after eating the salad so I wasn't paying full attention! But I know what are the must have for this season!! *Tada~*

The season must-have items:
1) Goldish Eyes (Eye Shadow)
2) Shiny Eyelid Liner
3) Slim Gel Pencil



  • Fragrance-free
  • inclusive of a sponge-tipped applicator
  • 2 types of gold pearl to create a deep shine!

Now, this is interesting!

From Smokey to Natural look, the trend is shifting to 'SHINY MAKE UP!' and no matter what skin colour you have or what colour you are wearing, GOLD fits in with the look

Yes, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. The shimmering GOLD colour is from REAL GOLD!! In fact, to achieve that captivating luster for your eyes. Kate is generous enough to put 2 unique GOLD PEARL POWDERS on these season's palette!

Ladies and GentleMan (Sin maybe?), here is photo of REAL GOLD PEARL (pure gold pearl powder with certain % of 24k REAL GOLD) and NUANCE GOLD PEARL (bright pearl powder with hint of gold)

With the Gold-ish Eye Palette in your cosmetic bag, you can easily add that gorgeous shimmer on your lids (anytime) to make your eyes larger-looking and enticing! Nice huh! And Hello?! You are talking about real gold here! How cool is that?

2) Shiny Eyelid liner

  • Fine brush: allows for easy adjustment of liquid
  • 2 colours available: Soft Pink Shade (for contoured and teary look) Smooth Beige Shade (naturally full and teary look)

3) Slim Gel Pencil

  • Fragrance free (yay, one less thing to worry about for girls with sensitive skin :))
  • Waterproof, Sweat Proof, and Sebum Resistant! (super like, smudge free is a big tick!)
  • Strong/Deep Coloration: cause the pigment effectively adhere to the skin 
  • Fade Resistant Gel Formula: contains large amount of water repelling pigments.

The Emcee also mentioned that it's actually liquid gel inside the holder but when you twist it, it came out as solid gel with a diameter of 2mm! That is SUPER FINE! And it will increase by 0.07mm with each twist! NOTE: Once it's out, you can never twisted it back! Remember, it's  liquid gel inside!

Meals served:

Choice of Sirloin steak/ Dory Fish/ Chicken
All beautifully done! :) :)
Soli, too hungry, no photo -____-
But if you really really wanted to know how delicious the food is, I think Rose and Jac, the food bloggers should have it!



10 Everrise/Kate Valuable Customers were randomly selected from the Lucky Draw Campaign. Each of them get to bring a friend/family along for their makeover which happens at 3pm on the same arvo.

Team # 1:

 Team # 2: Mother and daughter team *sweet*

Team # 3: best friend team

 Team # 4:
Me: *turn to bf* Focus on the face only ahh, not the legs!


Team # 5:
The girl in the middle is my favourite! I think she looks elegant and confident in this make up.

Team # 6: don't know where is her partner
Focus~!! Focus~!!

Judges and photographers

Team # 7:

Team # 8:

Team # 9: the twins

Oppsie! I missed out on one group. 


Hahaha it is a fun-filled night indeed and Yay~!! I came home with 2 goodie bags! One for me and One for BF, hehehe since bf doesn't use them (of course!) it's automatically MINE!! Hehehehe *chest circles*

Love this photo too though it's blurry. 就是有那朦胧的美 :) 
 Nice or not our bathroom? hehehehe

Ready to see what's inside??
 *open goodie bags*

Wuu~ both the Black and Brown Slim Gel Pencil

GOLD-ISH EYES (Pink and Blue)

 And Kanebo Freshel!
:) :)

Thank you so much Kate Malaysia and Everrise! You made me happy!
Photo of me with Mr Mikiya Hirai,Kate International Makeup Artist and Mr Katsutoshi Kajino ,CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia.

I shall try the makeup tips with GOLD-ISH EYES soon! hehehe

Oh ya, hehe, have you read the jokes yet? If not, click here!:D

One more question before I go: 

So where can you buy Kate products?

Watson, The Spring!  (LOLOL! hahaha, I know I am so bad :P) Onion Head Smiley



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