My little diary: 8th - 10th Apr 2013

Monday 08.04.13

Dreamt that I had a broken ankle and my bone was protruding. Aiyerrr~ ~Damn Geli!!! 

Dream Dictionary says:

The dream dictionary decoded my dream very well!! It's so true ~!!

Tuesday 09.04.13

I am very discipline today loh! I joined Small Group Training!
My Workout:
Sit up x 30
Reverse crunch x 30
Push up x 20 (I did extra of 10 cause I thought it's 30 =.=)
Hip Bridge x 30
Plank 1min 30 sec
Did 3 sets of those, plus, 4 rounds of running to end my session.
All completed in 31min 31 sec!!

It was tough!
But I guess when you want it....
you will find ways of making it happen! :D

Then, when I was about to leave the gym, Maria ask if this was mine.
(Making the photo small in case you feel gross!)

As soon as I opened the lid, the staff standing behind the counter took a big jump behind. The air was attacked by gushes of awful fermented smell, quickly I closed the lid. 
Onion Head Smiley
Left the cabbage soup there for a few days without touching it!! 
I was so MAD at him!!!
when I think of the most possible reason for not drinking the soup, my anger dies off!  The WORKAHOLIC must have forgoten about the soup! This 'deer deer' ahh, work until forget to eat! 

So, that night when we met, I vented the last bit of my anger out:

Me: I found my thermal mug!

Kenny: oh really? where did you find it?

Me: At LUF, Maria pass it to me. And when I open it, it's fermented dy!! You didn't drink the soup!!!

Kenny: har? Really? I thought I drank it dy? (see see see~ this workaholic!!)

Me: No you didn't! It smell soooo bad! I-am-not-happy!

Kenny: Sorry baby!! *guilty*

Me: I feel like my love for you was left aside to ROT loh!!! *venting my anger

Kenny: Sorry baby Sorry ~ ~!! *hitting himself as punishment*

Hehehe, must make him feel guilty, then baru he remembers to drink the soup next time! HoHoHoHoHo!! I am such a cheeky girlfriend!

Wednesday 10.04.13

Awkkk~Warddd~ ~!!

Meet up with a Supplier this morning. Half way through the meeting I realized the button in front of her chest got Unbutton! Sei loh! so askward! Should I let her know? She is meeting someone else after that, if I don't inform her, she will be embarrassed again!

But how do I hint her in front of my male colleague leh!? Poke my nose and make it bleeds?

After much of a struggle, I decided to 'Act normal'. I hope you figured something went wrong when I looked uneasy just now!!

Onion Head Smiley  I am sorry!

Okay, okay. Here is something happier! When I got back from Sesco Body Jam class, mom told me:
She saved another bird!

Oh my mama, you are like a bird magnet! 

Hi little birdy, you are our second guest this year. :)

Menu of the day: 
1) worms (no longer available)
2) soggy dog food 
3) bread crumbs

Oh birdy, which one do you prefer har? :D


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