One Good Deed: Blessings for Renato

This is the first time, I can decide on a post title in a snap of the fingers. I know it's a bit lengthy, but please read and help support Renato Cordeiro, our very own Les Mills instructor/ presenter.

During the Quarterly LesMills Workshop Mid Feb this year, the shocking news of Renato's tragic motorcycle accident in Indonesia spread across the LesMills Tribe. On 24th Jan 2013, he was thrown from his motorcycle and had severe injuries on his spine. I am not a doctor but everyone  knows that our spines control movements and sensation - and he broke his! T__T

Photo taken from One Tribe - One Love fb page:
 Renato and Rue (both fitness instructors/ presenters)
It's not that I pity him. No, he doesn't need that. But when your normal routine has changed to something you have no control of, the roads ahead are full of uncertainties dipped in strong fear. As much as you try to stay positive, there will be moments when you feel weak, when the 'What If' makes you feel like your life are gonna changed forever and you will never be the same person you used to know.

I am speaking from my past experience, my deep fear when my Eye Doctor told me my Conjunctivitis were severe enough that it affected my cornea. Never have I thought Red Eyes could get this serious! Although I had been telling people around me (especially my parents) not to worry and I feel better each day (lie!), the fear of me being blind attacked me when my sights were left with blurry shapeless visions. I-can't-jam! I-can't-drive! I-can't-read! I-can't-see-much! And-I-do-feel-BLIND! 

It was a horrible horrible feeling!

But I was lucky!

I was so grateful that the fear of losing my sights died off when I slowly regained my vision over the consecutive months.

Is luck with Renato?

I don't seems like the road ahead to recovery is longggg and challenging! In the One Tribe - One Love page (a fundraising fb account created for him). the severity of his conditions were described as 'having minimal sensation in his limbs'.

Photo taken from One Tribe - One Love fb page
It was a heart breaking statement that put family and friends of Renato at the edge of mental breakdown. I almost burst into tears watching Judy trying so hard to hold her tears back when she breaks the news to us. Her tones went shaky and till one point, she was jumping and telling herself not to cry! It was hard for her. :(

It has been 2 months since the accident. With the continuous support worldwide, we have raised enough money, just, to reunite him with his family in Brazil. Now, if you factor in the medical bills, physio and living expenses for him in the next few months, you are looking at a sum of at least SGD 170,000!  It's going to be a long fight! 

And we are in it! And we welcome you to be part of it too ! :) 

We are asking for everyone's kindness and compassion to help us to help Renato. There are a few ways you can do it!

a) We are selling wristbands in support of his expenses, 3,000 were sold and there were 7,000 more to go.
That is NaNa in the photo wearing the One Tribe - One Love wristbands. ^^
It's Rm 15 or SGD 10 each!
so why not save the money for bubble tea and buy Renato more hope instead? *wink*

b) Please like One Tribe - One love FB page. You get to follow Renato's updates and please share his stories and help us raise fund. *TQ + + + *

c) Body Jammers in KL has printed the 'D.R.E.A.M' t-shirt for our coming BJ 64 relauch!
photo taken from One Tribe - One Love FB page
It comes in 3 sizes: S/M/L and it's worth RM 30 (minimum) pls pls pls!

d) and of course, if you prefer to donate money, you are most welcome too!  :) We wouldn't reject your kind deeds! 

So dear beautiful people who are reading this right now. It's lengthy, I know, just few more sentences pls!

I want to say that Renato has brought the tribe closer each day as we pray and send our blessings to him and his family. He has changed peoples' life for the better and at this moment, he needs our love and support on his road to recovery. Although we are distance apart geographically, love unites our hearts. Together, with compassion, love and faith, let's do our very best to support him just like how you would want it if you were in his shoes.

Come now, pick the a, b, c, d to help support Renato! (You can do all too!)

And you can tell your mama that you have done One Good Deed today! :)

She will be proud of you. :D


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