Joke of the Day # 6: Jurassic Park

4 more sleeps to go before our longgggg flight to London and Iceland! Yippee ~ ~ ~ *doing the chest circles* That is by far, a record breaking distance for me to travel ^^  ^^.

Me: Dear Dear ahh, you said we are going from London to Liverpool then to Bath right?

Kenny: ahh.

Me: I read that at southern coastline area, there is a stretch of beautiful scenery! It's called Jurassic coast!

Me: *excited* Why don't we travel from Bath to Jurassic Park!! :D

Kenny: *turning into a T. Rex*     RoaarrRRRR~ ~!  *Clawing on my arm*  *Roaring still*  *then munching on my arm*

Me: *cackle loudly* What are you doing dear?!!

Kenny: *LOL* You said going to Jurassic Park leh! *RooaarrrrRR~ and munching on me again!*

Me: *chortles*

Kenny: *chuckles* Aiyo, this silly baby!

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