House Hunting: What to look for?

Hello. How's life?

Mine's pretty busy.

As you know, my iphone was stolen; On CNY eve my credit card kena swallowed. The bank machine was so damn hungry, no matter how hard I try, it just won't spit it out! GRRRRRRHH~ WHY YOU ATE MY CARD WHEN I KEY MY PIN CORRECTLY??

But thank goodness all these bad luck was before CNY cause me, being a Malaysian-Chinese, believe that new year is a new beginning. So please lah, no more hiccups!

What I am up to recently is house hunting! In fact, I have been house hunting for the past few weeks. I think I am getting pro at this. So what I am gonna do in this post is to share my house hunting experience (and jokes!).


You know, few years back, when people still believe that Sarawakian lives on trees (thanks to tourism adv =.=") a property in Kuching could easily cost Rm 200k - Rm 350k.

But now, with that amount, you can only buy 1/4 of it.

=.= tough one. 
Get a Bedroom or bathroom leh?

The price for a Kuching property is exponentiating every year!  A decent semi-D are starting with millions! That is 1,000k! 6 zeroes behind! OMG, soooo expensive! How old  do we have to work to pay for that? 

Then leh, property below a million and close to city are so rare. They are either too old or too ugly.

I guess we are gonna live on trees for real!

We are piling our hope on for our search of home sweet home. Speaking of, it's very useful and user friendly. Just select your location, and category and mudah compiles all in seconds. 

So, after deciding our budget, preferred location and shortlisting those that we are interested, we plot our house hunting route and make appointments with brokers.

My Advice:
1) only view the property you are truly interested. It will save you a lot of time.
2) If the adv did not provide photos, call the brokers for photos and questions before you decide to drop by. Again, it will save you time and effort.
3) View no more than 4 property a day. Trust me, you will confuse one with the other.


Really betahan some of the brokers/owner. So funny one.

Me: Hi, we saw your xxx ad on mudah. Are we able to view it tomorrow?

Owner: okay.

Me: Let's make it 4.30pm

Owner: ok, ok, 4.15pm

Me: No, I said 4.30pm.

Owner: ok, ok, 3.30pm.

*hang up*

Damn you! I hate it when ppl hang up on me. So rude! In the end,  we turn up close to 5pm to view what Kenny described as a 'rabbit hole' a.k.a 'an overly self extended semi-D'. LOL.

We also came across another broker that is so hard to reach.

Me: *making phone calles*.....Why he never pick up the phone? 

Me: *call again*..... HEY! HE HANG UP ON ME!

Kenny: Baby, it's valentine's day!

Me: oh ya hor!

Kenny: *cheekily* He must be in some CRI-TI-CAL moment right now!

Me: HaHaHaHaHa! wonder he didn't pick up my call. *gasp* OH NO! I ruin his CRI-TI-CAL moments, he will hate me!

Well, I finally got hold of him after one week but he said he can't reach the owner.
*suspicious* Be zai zin eh ge eh!

Anyway, we viewed quite a number of property. 

Here is the compilations of things to consider:

1) The environment: is it safe? what is nearby? accessibility?

2) The land: 
a) lower lands floods when monsoon hits in. Make sure it's a higher land.
b) No house on swamp! You may request for soil analysis from the developer to confirm that.
c) if it's a filled land (you will noticed the bush area is lower than the ground), make sure it's not swamp underneath it.

3) The age of the property: because piping in old house could be an issue. 

4) Tenure: meaning how long can you occupy that land. Usually, 60 years, 99 years and 999 years. And when it was last renew.

5) Land size (usually in points) and build up area (in square feet): this will give you an idea on how much space is used on building the house. A small build up area on a big land = not worth the buy. 

6) Direction: check the direction of east and west. You don't want a property that is too warm. 

Among all that have said, another important thing is your gut feeling. You need to click with the house! If you don't feel that, it's best not to buy it.

We did see something we like and currently awaits a reply. :D Hopefully everything goes well!

Wish us the best of luck!

:) :)

*photos taken from internet*


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