Growing into adulthood

My birthday is coming soon!

Gonna turn 28 this Friday.

老大不小的年龄 but I still feel like a kid inside. I am still so playful and worry-free. That is a good thing, really, just not in some circumstances.

2 more days till I hit that age, an age for Ming to transform from a girl to a woman (lol)! My theme this year is to be an ADULT. Yeah, I know that sounds boring but I have reach the stage of my life to take more responsibilities and be more independent. I am growing into adulthood (like finally)!

It's has been about 2 years since I turned my career path into the Food Industry. It's a huge change from talking to patients everyday to sampling beverages; And went from being an end user to the creator of new food products. I love the creativity that my work offers, it allows me to unleash my wild ideas and give life to my creations. I truly enjoy the whole process.

The only thing that I have trouble with is to handle things professionally and maturely like an ADULT!

In the 'adult' workforce , you won't be taken seriously if you behave naively like a kid OR if you sound like a fresh grads coming out from the Oven, I mean Uni. You need to be more confident (as in knowing your stand point) and be able to handle things maturely. That is exactly what I am lacking. But I have been practicing that beginning of this year. It's amazing when you tune your mind into a 28-year old and freeze the kids inside you from messing around, and that is when you realized that is how you make others treat you with more respect.

28 is also the age for me to think about settling down. I think there is a pattern running in my family. The boys married young (at the age of 23 -25) while the girls married much later (like 27- 29). So when all my siblings were happily married with kids and I am the only unmarried child at home, my parents (especially my dad) eagerly want to 'sell' me off (haha) by continuously bugging me on that.

Well, I know they love me but that is not a checklist for them to tick off. It's commitment for both Kenny and I. I am such a little girl. Am I able to handle a family? I don't know if I am ready to be a wife, or even more, a supportive wife? One thing I know is I have found the man of my life *blush* :).

I am observing the role models I have at home- my mom and my sis.
I am stepping into the kitchen again.
I am preparing myself. I am thinking one year of preparation should be right. :) :)

After one year plus of breaking my curfews, I am finally free ~ ~. Took me 20+ years to figure out the secret for breaking free from curfews. Now you if are in your early 20's, pls be a good girl, don't break one. If you are in your late 20's like me, well, I think we can have more freedom. Just make sure we keep ourselves safe, and family informed.

No matter how old I am, I will always be the baby at home. I shall still be living by my nickname 'Bibi', which means 'baby'. It's kinda cute when my parents call my nieces by their name and call me by my nick! HaHaHa. I don't mind that! But one thing I want to do  is to make my parents realized that I have grown up, I can't live by their expectations cause I got to live my own life.

I know this sounds funny. But I am lacking the basic skills for being a woman - dress up and make up.

Am waving goodbye to 27 so soon, it's was quite a okay year. But I have really strong feeling about this year. It's my spurt into adulthood. And my sixth sense say something big is coming into my life.

So hello 28, I will make you an awesome year!


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